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World Customs Organisation


The main purpose of the World Customs Organisation is to simplify and standardize international customs procedures. The Organisation also combats smuggling and economic crimes. As a result of cooperation between Softnauts and the WCO, we have created an application for online learning. The app can be used to stau up to date with the complexed procedures of customs law, both by ordinary citizens and customs officers.

The Organisation aims to increase the efficiency of customs operations and simplify international procedures, so that they are adapted to current realities, transparent and understandable to citizens. To achieve that, WCO is constantly working on unifying the customs law. The main tool for classifying and determining the value of certain goods is the Harmonized System. It is used in more than 200 countries around the world and covers as much as 98% of all international transactions. 

The Harmonized System contains 21 main sections, 97 chapters and 5 000 product categories. The code in this system is determined by classifying the item by chapter, heading and sub-heading. In order to adapt to changes in international trade, the Harmonized System, and the nomenclature it contains, change every 5 years. The valuation of individual items, as well as their classification systems, are also regularly updated.

Online learning app - it is worth educating everyone

The WCO achieve the organisations’ goals through various educational activities. The Organisation educates both customs officers and ordinary citizens all around the world. The amount of material to absorb is so large, that traditional learning methods, such as textbooks, seminars and workshops are not effective. They would generate large costs that would not translate into tangible benefits for participants and users. 
The vast majority of people use only a small portion of publicly available information, most often only on a narrow range of selected issues.

That is why, since 2003, the WCO has been using various e-learning tools to make knowledge in this field more accessible. One of them is an online learning application. It is divided into two parts - publicly accessible and available only to the registered users. The first part contains tutorials and databases, while the second provided the tools necessary for custom officers to perform their daily duties. 

Educating citizens about customs procedures is important. Well-informed travelers are prepared to deal with procedures, what minimize stress and translates into better cooperation with customs officers. 


The custom tariffs change rapidly. Absorbing large parts of material in order to be familiar with current laws and rules is necessary to perform daily task and duties as a customs officer. That is why it is necessary to train all the employees who live in different parts of the world ad speak different languages. Knowledge of customs procedures should be easily understood and accessible to the public.

Scope of work

UX/UI  ·  Android  ·  iOS 

Used technologies

iOS & Android: BLoC  ·  Shared Preferences  ·  Gradient AppBar  ·  Google Maps integration  ·  Permission handler

Backend: PHP  ·  Symfony


A collaboration between Softnauts and the Wolrd Customs Organisation has resulted in the development of a mobile app for online learning. It includes publicly available, free databases, as well as quizzes and videos. There are two language version available in the application: English and French. These two are the most widely spoken languages in countries using the Harmonized System.

The application is available to everyone. It also has additional features for registered custom officers with a dedicated CLiKC account.





Online learning application - integration with the CLiKC platform.

World Customs Organisation had been using e-learning tools since 2003 - the tool used then was the CLiKC platform. At the time the application was developed and introduced, CLiKC was already a proven system that everyone was used to. Our e-learning application was designed and developed in full compatibility with the CLiKC platform. As a result, we transferred all existing data and user accounts associated with the platform to new application.

Quizzes and videos - the main learning tools

The application was created with the aim of making acquiring and consolidating knowledge as efficient as possible. In order to achieve that, we have introduced two main functionalities: access to educational video materials and quizzes that allow users to organize the knowledge they gathered.

For that purpose, we designed and included in the application an intuitive and clear player, which allows users to comfortable getting familiar with the educational content. Additionally, we prepared special links and sections in the application, that redirect users to the Organisation’s relevant websites, so they can deepen their knowledge of the specific issues.
The WCO’s e-learning application also includes quizzes that allow users to test and structure their knowledge. They consis of two types of questions: closed single-choice questions and open-ended ones. 

Open-ended questions contain illustrations presenting specific items. The users’ task is to indicate the specific part of the code in the Harmonized System that refers to the subject. This allows users to systemize their knowledge that is necessary to particular goods to specific categories and recognize the differences between them.

Users’ progress is saved automatically, so they can exit the app at any time, so that they can leave the application and return to the quiz at any given moment. The app also allows users to retake the quizzes to allow them to further structure and organize the knowledge they acquired. Also check out other business apps made by Softnauts:


I enjoyed communication with Softnauts as they have defined processes and are always available and responsive.

Thibault Hermes, E-learning Manager, WCO

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