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Wyprawka - a layette app


Project purposes

Creating a mobile app to facilitate the preparation for the childbirth

What is the best way to prepare for the arrival of a baby and not get crazy while shopping? We created The Wyprawka layette app for future mothers facing a vast challenge - completing a comprehensive baby kit.

The app’s functionalities are as follows:

  • In-built product listing to complete a layette for a newborn baby,
  • Possibility of creating a custom layette list,
  • Marking the already purchased products,
  • Developing a discussion forum for parents-to-be.


Developing a layette app to reduce the stress of mums-to-be

The Wyprawka maternity app is an answer to limited research about how it is hard for pregnant women to complete a layette for a child. To put it shortly, the less stress for women - the better for the baby. 

The shopping list is usually long. Our layette app provides the user with a comprehensive list of all necessary items to facilitate the preparation for childbirth.


Scope of work

UX/UI  ·  Android  ·  iOS   ·  Backend 



Defining the audience

We created user persona to define our target audience characteristics, goals and needs. 


persony - aplikacja WyprawkaWyprawka maternity app UX - user persona



Adressing the audience's needs

  1. We provide a mobile application with built-in layette lists. 
  2. You can check the things you have already bought.
  3. Moreover, you can create your custom listing with mum and baby products. The app's design makes it handy and easy to use. 
  4. You can also open a discussion and ask for help while completing the layette. 


Used technologies

iOS & Android: Flutter

Backend: PHP  ·  Symfony  ·  Docker



Design: color palette and typography



Colors & typography - maternity app UI design



UX design: Customer path

To facilitate the use of the application, we have divided it into two categories - HOSPITAL and HOME. 

  1. In the HOSPITAL section, we have created a list of all layette items to pack into a delivery bag. It contains things you will need during delivery and in the first days of the baby’s life.
  2. In the HOME category, we have included a list of clothing, equipment, and everyday use accessories for mother and child that will be needed in your home.


Wyprawka layette app - shopping listing for baby items preview



Implementing the maternity app's key functionalities 

Built-in shopping lists for mum and baby

We have prepared transparent shopping lists, thanks to which you will be able to calmly and comfortably prepare a layette for your child. 

Product offer and advice

You will find them on a list of all necessary products and accessories designed for both you and your baby, along with detailed descriptions and practical advice regarding pregnancy, childbirth and the first months of the child's life.

Forum for young mothers

Ask other mothers for advice, discuss with them your concerns or just share your joy of pregnancy and support each other in anticipation of childbirth. Also check out other projects we have completed:

Wyprawka layette app - forum for mums view



Postive rating on Google Play and App Store

The app received positive feedback from the target audience, with a 5.0 rate in Google Play and App Store. We are also planning to enhance application with new features in the future.

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