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Logistic management applications in food service industry

Many sectors of the economy are functioning in a constant rush. Deadlines for certain actions, such as product deliveries, must be completed on time

This complexed system consists of many components, which must cooperate. The company, employees and customers must inform and report any occurring complications. In an industry, where everything happens instantly, every obstruction or delay may have a significant impact on the company’s business flow.

In order to improve the workflow of a company operating in the food service industry, we created the Cool Running logistic application.

Logistic management application Cool Running

The main goal of the project was to create the app for truck drivers in the transportation and food service industry. Cool Running is a logistic application designed for drivers working in the US. 

Their job is to sell and deliver ice blocks and other products made of ice to customers - usually working in food service industry, mainly hotels and restaurants. The purpose of the app is to simplify the operations at multiple levels. This means simplifying the implementation of the company’s objectives by planning and coordinating tasks and activities.

The main functions of the Cool Running app are planning and navigating transports and generating invoices. In order to make them reliable and convenient, we introduced the following functionalities into the application:

  • providing the invoicing tools
  • printing invoices and waybills
  • summary of the amount of transported products
  • tracking drivers


The food service industry is an extraordinarily dynamic branch of the market. That is why it needs a special approach and specific solutions. Avoiding any delays and obstructions in the organization of work is the key factor to success.

Our client’s task is to supply catering services, restaurants and hotels in a very specific products made of ice. That is why creating a logistic management application, which provides necessary functionalities, was crucial.

The logistic application Cool Running needs to be convenient and adjusted to all users, including the less technologically proficient. In order to achieve that, we incorporated a friendly and intuitive design, which made the Cool Running application clear and functional.

The application must include key functionalities for companies in the food service industry
The application must be easy and intuitive to use, especially for less technologically sufficient users

The functionalities that the Cool Running logistic app includes are:

  • Creating a connection between the office software and the mobile application
  • Enabling smooth operating both online and offline
  • Implementing a sales and financial management system
  • Providing the ability to print documents via Bluetooth
  • Enabling tracking the driver’s position in real time

Used technologies

Frontend: Flutter, Java/ObjC. 
Backend: C#


The Cool Running logistic application for an ice delivery company is an excellent example of how a functional software can improve the company’s logistic processes. 

We developed the Cool Running app to help the company workers in generating invoices, selling products. The app also makes collecting vehicle and tool maintenance information much easier. It may also be utilized to support the route planning.

To create the clear interface, we used the universal, easily readable and aesthetically appealing sans serif font Inter. The background of the application consists of white and bright shades of gray. The main accenting colors of the interface are blue, green and red.

We chose them in such a way, to bring together both the practical use of given elements and the overall aesthetics of the application. We understand, that as a company’s tool, it may affect how customers perceive the company. Both the particular elements responsible for interaction are clear and intuitive, and the interface itself is aesthetically pleasing.

Logistic application Cool Running - internet access is not a necessity

In order to minimize delays as much as possible, our logistic application is able to work in an offline mode. It locates the current position of a particular truck and records the travelled route. 

The application connects to a web server and collects data from all devices in the system. In case of no internet connection, the sales reports are saved offline and uploaded to the server when a connection is obtained.

In an industry as dynamic as food services, the ability to access offline functions of the application is extremely useful. This functionality allows drivers to enter the route information at any given moment and the application will update the data automatically.

Implementing this functionality made the application noticeably more convenient. Otherwise, drivers would have to take more breaks to enter the data after recovering the internet connection. They would also have to record the data themselves before the connection recovers.

This could result in losing some information about given transactions, which may affect the information flow in the company and cause mistakes and irregularities in reports.

Printing invoices - logistic applications make the work easier for the employees

To make the invoice printing more convenient and less time-consuming, the Cool Running application uses Bluetooth to connect to the printers nearby. This functionality makes it easier to complete all the necessary paperwork, which will result in improving their work. The easy and convenient printing of invoices reduces the possibility of occurring delays.

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logistic management application


Real time tracking

Cool Running logistics application allows tracking drivers’ positions in real time. This eliminates the need to constantly report the route and provides essential information in case of emergencies. This functionality also makes analyzing routes and trips much easier. Such analyzes can be used to determine the most economical delivery methods.

Tracking the contents of the trucks

The application allow to remotely check and modify the data describing contents of truck in the system. This makes it possible to check the capacity of each truck and use those, which have enough storage space to deliver particular transport.

Functionalities for customers - easier ordering

Cool Runing logistic application allows customers to conveniently make and personalize orders. This option enables ordering any quantity of a particular product to a given address.

Cool Running also provides customers with the ability to choose the date and the method of delivery. The application makes it possible to declare any specific needs, for example: special invoicing requests, in advance.

Logistic application - essential business support

Cool running is a perfect example of how business may benefit from implementing logistic applications. Our app provides tools essential in company’s team and resources management. Cool Running also makes it easier for employees to perform their daily task. The app automate many activities, which result in reducing the risk of making mistakes.

Introducing the logistic application is also beneficial for the customers. From their perspective, tool provided by the app are necessary to easily and conveniently make personalized orders and track progress in the execution. Also check other applications created for business purposes:

logistic management application



Softnauts provided feedback and responsive service, even when the office was closed. I’m always able to message the owner and get someone online to provide assistance in real-time.

Tony Dickson, Owner of Cool Running Software

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