Our team - the pride of the galaxy

For 10 years, we have been skyrocketing with our work on:

Web & application development

Mobile applications

UX/UI Design

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We design with people in mind

Our goal? To provide solutions aimed at maximum effectiveness and efficiency. We design our products while minding both the customer's needs and the end user's convenience.

Is this your train of thought as well? That is perfect - because you may be the person we are looking for! Which position will you fit in?

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We count on the young:

because studying while working is admirable!

Curiosity over the world and the pursuit of valuable experience are qualities we highly appreciate. We would love to have you on our board!

because we value new talents

We know that beginnings can be difficult. Thus, you can rely on our mentorship - so you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

We value experience

Mids & Seniors,
because the finest sit in this cockpit!

Industry veterans are a treasure to us. They have seen a lot, been through many space storms - and now they share their expertise with us.

Michał, Frontend Developer

One of many things that I like in Softnauts is a great work-life balance! Need some remote work? No problem! Want to take advantage of great weather and spend a day in the mountains? Go for it! As long as you make sure your tasks are done, it's easy to organize your work in a way that don't interrupt with your life and passions. In my job I also really appreciate interesting projects that I can feel responsible for. No two days are the same and if you like taking initiative and having an impact on things, you'll have a lot of fun here.

We love to contribute

Our cosmic cooperation with AGH Space Systems

Above all - the people! This is the principle we follow in each of our daily worklife. This includes also our business activities.

This also reflects upon our aim to support young talents who strive to turn their potential into real-life success. The core example of this principle is our cooperation with AGH Space Systems.

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We are flexible,
because time does not bend to our will

You do not have to lean over backward to make ends meet - if you lean on our team, that is. We know that a well-rested and satisfied employee is a treasure. So whatever your life situation and needs are, together we will find a remedy.

We are family-oriented

Has your resolute 4-year-old suddenly fallen ill? Or maybe you took an emergency call from the kindergarten? Do not worry - we are open to both flexi hours and emergencies.

Are you a student? Have you received an unexpected assignment?

Fret not. We will always try to adjust the project - so that our employees have a chance to engage fully in the task.

We also have a depot on this planet!

Office in Kraków:

Juliusza Słowackiego Street 15/8
31-897 Kraków

flexible time

A tight-knit team makes a cosmic difference!

Our staff is a solid team of passionate professionals. We will tackle any software challenge with joy. See for yourself!

How do we hire:


We review your application

Our team reviews your application. You can expect a response from our side for up to 2 weeks.


You fill in a test assignment
(only for juniors!)

Only junior applicants are asked to solve a test assignment. If you apply for a higher-tier position, no task will be required.


We invite you for an interview

We would like to get in touch with you! After a successful application, we invite you for an interview. During its course, you will learn more about our approach to work. In turn, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills.


You get the answer

Congratulations and welcome to our spaceship! We guarantee safe onboarding and support from the entire team in your first steps.


Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours,

because time is not a rubber band
Remote work available

Remote work available,

because we appreciate your right to choose
Private health insurance

Private health insurance,

because it is nice to be fit as a fiddle
Multisport membership

Multisport membership,

because in a strong body, there is also a strong spirit
Conferences & meetups

Conferences and meetups,

because we treat our worklife seriously
Office in the center of Kraków

Office in the center of Kraków,

because we want to be in the eye of the IT storm

Didn’t find your speciality?

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