How much does a website cost? Learn it step by step!

Owning your website is standard for any business these days. Their structures and functions, however, will be as varied as the companies and the services they offer. Our software house boasts more than eleven years of experience providing tailor-made digital services, including websites. Take a look at our price list and write to us. We'd love to hear your perspective on the project.

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Professional websites - pricing in Poland

As in the case of coding mobile or web applications, prices for business websites can vary drastically. Several factors influence their amount. Some are related to the scale of the project or its time frame, while others have to do with human resources or location.

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The price of a website - what kind of pricing can you expect?

The answer to this question lies in one simple phrase: it depends. The most significant influences on it are your expectations and declared needs. Website generators available on the market offer this type of service for about PLN 500. However, Less sophisticated projects in interactive agencies or software houses can range from a few to even tens of thousands zlotys.

Why such a range? As a business pursues different goals, a website is a tool to obtain them. To do that, they implement functions that vary depending on the type of service and time an IT team had to spend creating them. It's also the result of several factors, which we discuss in the article’s following section. Get ready to learn them - and determine how much your new website will cost.

Website offers: see what we do at Softnauts

The term “website” possesses many facets. Its type depends primarily on the function it performs for a particular business. Therefore, now we will cover the types of websites our clients usually ask for. With our help, you’ll choose a site that caters to your needs and customer’s preferences. Serve yourself with a seamless digital experience that everyone involved will enjoy!

One-Page Sites

A One Page website houses all of its content on a single page, the content of which readers access by scrolling down. It has no sub-pages or tabs, so it has limited capacity for detailed content. Such a site has only one URL.

Websites with a blog

Today, a blog or case study section is a standard for any website. Whether we can expect a similar section on a website depends primarily on its nature and purpose. It is also especially recommended for SEO. A well-tailored blog article will allow you to position yourself in the search engine in the context of the phrases most often reached by your customers.

Landing page

Such a page attracts traffic from search engines for specific phrases and generates inquiries. It contains minimal content, a contact form, and tracking codes. Its main goal is customer conversion, achieved through a customized design and functionality. It usually consists of a single web page that allows users to make a purchase or a desired conversion. It can also redirect them to another page.

Online stores or service-oriented websites

Our specialists will also develop a website that will present a wide range of products or services of your company. Remember - the more information you give us during initial discussions, the better we can meet your expectations. Comprehensive information is vital to creating a clear site architecture that guides users through related products and services.

Some companies have customized solutions. From features such as a calendar or order form to interactive 3D editors or maps with services, no challenge is too big of an issue for our specialists. Write to us and find out more!

What influences the pricing of domains and websites?

In addition to the type of website itself, several factors ultimately affect a website's valuation. Check out what you should be wary about when arriving at a quote for such a project. This knowledge will allow you to prepare to incur the appropriate costs - now and in the future.
  • Site structure and custom requirements
    Bespoke (or tailor-made) sites will be more costly than standard solutions due to the introduction of many individual modifications. It also involves more time for our specialists to code the changes.
  • Hosting and domain
    A website's price will also depend on whether its address ends in .com, .org, or otherwise. Contrary to appearances, this is quite a vital factor - the differences between the endings that best reflect your business can vary by up to several hundred zlotys!
  • SSL certificate
    Being standard by now, the SSL certificate also affects the final pricing of websites. Usually, the value settles around PLN 100 per year.
  • CRM system implementation
    A CRM is a platform for managing website features and maintaining interactions with your customers in the digital space. Among the most popular CRMs is WordPress. Nonetheless, our team is proficient in creating custom CRM solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Fixed costs of maintaining a website
    This factor consists of several separate costs, including an annual subscription for a server or domain, a license for a builder, or maintenance or adding new plug-ins in the case of WordPress or Shopper.

Professional websites - this we will establish during the workshop

We offer the discovery workshops service at the beginning of cooperation with newly-found clients. They serve to clarify the business goals and match features of the newly designed software. Both parties benefit from the workshops:
  • the customers - because they get a product that perfectly matches their ideas;
  • the developers - because they can quickly establish the various stages of the project.
We discuss the process of preparing for this type of brief in detail in the article below:
In the meantime, we’ll briefly discuss the most crucial points during such workshops. Let's get started!

Tell us about yourself!

Contrary to what you may think, such an introduction to your business is highly relevant to us. Knowing you and your business allows us to identify your needs and aspirations. This information, in turn, allows us to select IT solutions that will give your business a better chance to flourish.

Website currently in use

Usually, our clients already have a company website. However, this website does not satisfy them or does not bring the expected business value. When preparing to talk to us about a website quote, also include information such as:
  • the current website address,
  • features or elements that on the current site meet your expectations,
  • Your motives for ordering a new website,
  • data from a website health analysis tool (such as Google Analytics).
Don't worry - we don't expect our clients to know professional jargon. After all, that's what you're hiring us for :) However, you’ll benefit much by preparing carefully and bringing as much information as possible. This knowledge translates into efficient planning and, in the long run, more business value for your project.

Professional website pricing: simple or complicated design?

The thought behind this question is quite simple - the more complicated your website design is, the more this will elevate the price. This correlation comes down from our UX design specialists and web developers’ time that they need to create a sublime website structure. Additional costs also arise if you introduce extra, "tailor-made" solutions.

The need to update site content frequently

Some pages do not require frequent updates. Their function is to represent a brand in the digital space. But what if you run a frequently updated blog - or your site is an online marketplace to which you add products daily?

We can realize these types of functions with a carefully designed CMS. From its level, you can obtain complete control over the content on your website and the databases attached to it or other functions related to your company's internal operations. It all depends on the needs you define.

Website for businesses - sales and lead generation

Why is website pricing such a hot potato? The matter becomes more complicated when your business needs require implementing solutions impeccably suited to one’s needs. A real estate developer's website may need a 3D interior editor; a restaurant website, on the other hand, requires the implementation of an order fulfillment and control system. Every business is different - and so is the website that represents them.

Professional websites - pricing for additional features

Several additional features of your website can also affect your final cost estimate. Don't forget to mention them when talking to our developers:
  • newsletter shipping function,
  • various language versions,
  • automatic chat,
  • dynamic price lists,
  • different login types for other types of users (for example, vendor vs. buyer),
  • reservation systems,
  • product search engines,
  • facilities for people with disabilities,
  • the need for exceptionally high server bandwidth.

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