fashion app case study


Fashion application to offer top-notch apparel for everyone is a multi-platform service offering clothes from well-known and popular fashion brands. Its offer aims at people who like to reach for fashionable men's, women's, or children's clothes and live in a hurry - so they do not have time for frequent shopping in malls.

One fashion app for many platforms is a cross-platform application available on the web, Android, and iOS. Modern technological solutions have allowed our developers to design a stable application - so end users can enjoy a solution released in a format tailored to their devices.

The key goals of this project include:

  • presenting an offer consisting of millions of products from the most popular fashion brands in one app,
  • using affiliate marketing to generate revenue from the app's operation,
  • creating a cross-platform app optimized for search engine results (SEO).


Enabling users to buy quality clothing at any time

About the industry:

"- The ease of using mobile devices is the ease of buying. We were attached to the screen much earlier through television, for example. What has radically changed the pandemic is that Poles' fears of using credit cards have been allayed. Now all applications plug in customers' credit cards. Consumers have become convinced."

 - Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa, member of the Board of Directors, Pepco Group, CEO, MODNE ZAKUPY Group.

The application responds to the growing demand of users to stock up on quality clothing. Gemius' report "E-commerce in Poland" indicates that in 2021, 77% of Polish Internet users decided to shop online. That represents an increase of 4 percentage points compared to 2020 and as much as 15 percentage points for 2019. 

It means that the pandemic has significantly accelerated the transformation of the e-commerce market, creating demand for new solutions for online shopping. We decided to meet these forecasts and present solutions that will meet the expectations of users accustomed to ever-evolving e-commerce services.



UX/UI - Android - iOS - Web

Every application is different. Therefore, we approach design planning holistically, taking into account the product's characteristics and the market in which it will operate. 

For this reason, we started our work by developing a solid concept and UX design. Then we tackled the visual side and usability testing. workflow process

Scope of work: scope of work - technology, seo, revenue, transparency


Technology solutions to release cross-platform applications,


ability to position the web application according to good SEO practices,


introduction of solutions specific to affiliate marketing,


designing an elegant, minimalist design with intuitive UX/UI for each version of the application.


Responding to the needs of the target group

The first step we took during the production of the app was to identify the potential target audience we were targeting. Based on the information we gathered, we determined that our target group was women between the ages of 35 and 49.

Customer path - selection of women's, men's, and children's clothing

When creating the interface, we were guided primarily by the simplicity of use. As a result, is a friendly platform with refined mapping, a clear layout, and an elegant design, in which our users will easily find their way!

Among the most important issues, we assumed while designing the visual side of the application are:

  • convenient, refined browsing system,
  • possibility to sort products by category or brand,
  • possibility to add clothes to "favorites"

UI solutions for fashion apps

ux grid for nuumi

UX Design - Finding optimal solutions. 

A well-planned, stable application is created through a careful approach to testing solutions. During this phase, we developed several mockups that allow us to test the target solutions. Check also other projects in our portfolio:

optimal UX solution for e-commerce app

Application usage testing

During the early prototyping phase, we bring application usage testing to life. This helps us make sure that our ideas are reflected in the mindset of our users, and that the app itself is easy to use. - e-commerce app ux

Application design - color palette and typography

The design of nuumi. pl is strongly based on minimalism. When creating this application, we thought about elegance and clarity - so that everyone can find their way around the fashion world without any trouble! - color palette and typography

Home page

The design of the homepage assumed intuitiveness and ease of navigation. It allows users to search for products according to their preferences for type and brand.

The homepage design also assumed the start of the conversion stage. The visual side of is not only aimed at making life easier for our users - thanks to the transparency of the offer, but we can also count on higher turnover coming from sales.

home page - desktop version

nuumi apparel online app desktop view 2

nuumi clothes buy online 3


In addition to enriching the site with content that supports better search results, entries in the "Trends" section are also a great way to showcase the manufacturers' offers. 

Desktop version

The key to a successful e-commerce project is to be user-oriented at the design planning level. Eye-appealing, easy-to-read applications are the perfect support for your business. apparel app shopping showcase