How much does it cost to develop a web application?

The price range of web applications offers can knock you off your feet. The price of a website with built-in additional functionality generally fluctuates between 10 and 18 thousand zlotys. On the other hand, more complex e-commerce projects with custom architecture can cost up to several hundred thousand zlotys. Where do such spreads come from? Find out with us! We are experts who, for more than ten years, have been designing web solutions for business needs.

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Pricing of web applications - what affects their price?

Six main factors affect the final price of a web application. Accounting for them during the initial quote ensures a more informed decision-making process. You can be sure they’ll be addressed during initial discussions with our specialists. Let's get to know them more deeply!

Interested in a different type of application? See how we approach pricing for different types of software:

Complexity and scope of the application

What type of application do you want to create? A simple catalog, a landing page, or a more complex web application with third-party integrations, interactive design, and a dedicated CMS? Determining your needs is vital - as the more complex the application, the higher its cost. Identify its core functions and goals to get an accurate estimate.

Your business niche

When developing a web application, consider your business niche and how it will shape the project. A narrow or complex field requires an experienced team, which can elevate costs. In a competitive industry, a unique design is crucial to stand out.

Developer involvement and work schedule

When developing a web application, the cost is affected by factors such as the size of the development team, the scope of the work, and its urgency. Tight deadlines require more programmers or extended working hours which, ultimately, increases the project cost.

IT team composition

Developing a web application requires the participation of a close-knit team. One person handling the project’s scope endangers its hope for success and quality. Programmers will find it troublesome to deal with everything, including design, coordination, or management.

Roles in the team depend on the project management and methodologies used. Effectively completing a project requires a Product Owner to ensure the delivered system features bring the needed value to your business and a Scrum Master to support the developers during the project workflow.

Location of IT team members

Web application development costs vary depending on the location of the team. Countries with higher costs of living pay developers more. However, a high price for IT services is not equally associated with high quality. Developers in Eastern Europe are known for their high-quality work and high competence.

We describe these dependencies in more detail in our blog. Get acquainted with it here:

The cost of a web application - why invest in them?

Web apps owe their popularity primarily to their accessibility. Nowadays, the pace of our lives and the constant rush we find ourselves in force us to use digital products at every turn. Web applications make this possible in the most comfortable way there is.

A web application does not require downloading software to a cell phone, saving time and energy on setting things up, permissions, and account personalization. Often, we need to do things quickly, and web apps allow us to do that. And that's what makes them so attractive - and why users prefer them to mobile apps in many situations.

What is the process of developing a web application at our software house?


Discovery Workshops


Software prototyping


Writing the application


Quality Assurance and Testing


Application release


Software support

Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops

During product workshops, we determine which software features work best for your business. We also estimate the cost and time frame for developing your web application.

How much does a web application from Softnauts cost?

Often, you may encounter a significant discrepancy in the pricing of a web application. The estimated cost can vary up to ten times. What influences such huge differences between manufacturers?

The answer, while simple, is also universal for any type of IT product. Each valuation is an individual matter. Given the vast number of factors that can completely change the timeframe and area of specialization, a precise, universal definition of web app development pricing is a nigh-impossible task.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer an initial quote following the norms of the market. We will also select a business model that will be most optimal for your venture’s type.

The cost of a web app versus its life cycle

Releasing an application to the market does not mean your expenses related to it end. Did you know that maintenance and keeping your software's services up to date can amount to as much as 20% of the application's base price? This cost must be included in the entire project budget, as the stability and security of the services offered depend on it. This expense also depends on how complex the architecture of your system is.

Cost of an SEO-friendly web application

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective and desirable marketing methods. It also applies to web applications that want to stand up to competitive portals. At Softnauts, we offer solutions for easy optimization and content management. They allow your web application to stand up to even the most intense competition in your niche.

Your application's security and the cost of development

An issue that absolutely should be covered is the cost incurred for providing your system with the optimal security level. The more complex the architecture of your software, the more important this aspect is - as both the security of your user's data and your brand reputation depend on it.

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With us you can count on a high level of communication, timeliness in the execution of tasks and support over the application after its publication. Share your idea and take a journey into the unknown with your business!

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