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Diamond Stock Management


Diamond inventory management application

Diamond Stock Management is a tool to help diamond dealers manage their inventory. The application model is based on both mobile and web solutions and is based on a SaaS model. Thanks to the solutions implemented in its architecture, Diamond Stock Management is an application that allows you to view inventory, present accurate information about available diamonds and ask questions about them.

Diamond Stock Management - basic functionalities

Key features of this application include:

  • Creation of a functional B2B product that diamond dealers can adjust easily.
  • Provision a team of designers, developers, and a project manager to respond to any project or functional requirement.
  • Preparation and configuration of an easy-to-use web portal that is easy to manage and accessible to users without technology.
  • The application is to operate exclusively online.

Configure servers and databases for each client according to high-security standards.


Diamond inventory management application - any configuration

The main issue we faced was the creation of a "smart" export of CSV files that contain information about users' inventories. Each diamond holder can modify the value and range of columns at will, giving him control over the posted information about his inventory.

This means that different layouts of CSV files do not matter for the operation of the application. Our system can adjust their value according to the displayed content. This primarily means eliminating the need to adjust the files manually.

Diamond Stock Management - user permission

Another issue we faced was the establishment of the rights of individual users. This is due to the assumption of the app functionality, which, in addition to the data collection process, is primarily intended to serve the presentation of collections to customers selected by the dealer.

Diamond Stock Management - Solving Product Search

Diamond Stock Management is primarily an application for managing the inventory of diamond sellers. Therefore,  we also included the product filtering function during the search. 

Displaying search results

The mobile app users should receive basic information regarding the products in the search results. In addition, they can seek detailed data or add the product to their shopping cart. The app is expected to display images showing the appearance and status of the diamond.

Notifications regarding changes in the product status

Potential customers need up-to-date information in terms of price changes or vendor facilities. This way, they can make the most appropriate decision regarding a product purchase.

Notifications regarding product status changes

Potential customers need up-to-date information regarding price changes or vendor facilities. In this way, they can make the most appropriate decision regarding the purchase of a product. 

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Application for diamond inventory management - notifications

The mobile app possesses a feature to keep customers informed of price or inventory changes. To use it, several criteria are necessary:

  • logging into the app,
  • having access to the data,
  • making settings to allow receipt of notifications,
  • the price change is a certain percentage of the initial value of the product,
  • a possible change in the availability of the product.

Used technologies

iOS 10+: Swift 4.0

Backend development: Symfony 3+  ·  PHP


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