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Have you ever wondered what makes a team great?

Above all — the people! As a company specializing in Web and Mobile Development for over 10 years, we understand that the right people are the key to every successful project. That’s why our team is built from the best talents from IT universities throughout Poland.

Our developers, designers and Project Managers flourish on exciting projects for clients worldwide. Start your incredible journey with our team!

Softnauts Kraków

Our software house is located in Krakow — one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Its magical atmosphere and multifaceted architecture attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. But Krakow has much more to offer than fascinating history and a unique ambience. We are ranked as one of the best outsourcing cities in Europe and are a major European tech hub.

Our values

Softnauts values, curiosity


Softnauts values, responsibility


Softnauts values, 360 perspective

360 Perspective

Softnauts values, integrity


Our expertise comes from practice. With dozens of completed projects from over 15 countries we know what it takes to deliver great quality with reasonable pricing within the time frames.

While working with us you can expect full transparency and superior communication. We will answer any of your questions and discuss with you every step of our collaboration. Cost transparency is also very important for us, which is why we always provide clear rates for our services.

Innovation and flexibility allow us to implement the best solutions for our clients. We invest in the best developers that can provide you the highest creativity and cleanest code. Our motivated team of mobile and web specialists is ready to accommodate your needs!

Softnauts team

See what our employees think of our company

Softnauts team

Michał, Frontend Developer

One of many things that I like in Softnauts is a great work-life balance! Need some remote work? No problem! Want to take advantage of great weather and spend a day in the mountains? Go for it! As long as you make sure your tasks are done, it's easy to organize your work in a way that don't interrupt with your life and passions. In my job I also really appreciate interesting projects that I can feel responsible for. No two days are the same and if you like taking initiative and having an impact on things, you'll have a lot of fun here.

Softnauts team

Katarzyna, Tester

As a tester I like to work on different projects. That’s what my job in Softnauts gives me every day. I truly appreciate working on variety of projects and platforms, especially that we’re creating software for many foreign clients, and It’s exciting to work in an international environment. Softnauts with its friendly atmosphere is a great place to work. Here I met many people passionate about their job, and I value great communication with developers. Even though they do their best to release a good product, I love to find hidden improvements and the quest to achieve perfection!

Softnauts team

Jacek, iOS Developer

I like to create things that can help others and particularly contribute to the improvement or can be useful for people who require special care, for example the disabled, etc. Innovation and new technologies are the driving force for continuous learning and improvement. For me it’s one of the most important reasons to like this job.

Softnauts team

Alicja, UX/UI Designer

I joined Softnauts as a part-time graphic designer - I was responsible for illustrations and other graphics. After a couple of months I was offered a full time job which included UX and UI tasks - I accepted it with no hesitation! I already knew the Team and I knew that working here is great. Softnauts gave me a possibility to work with several different projects, learn and improve my creative skills. We also use the best design tools that are available, which is a great way to impress clients!

Softnauts team

Mateusz, Flutter Developer

My journey with Softnauts began at job fair when I applied for the Flutter internship. As a student, I had to manage time between work and college which was very easy. Interesting projects allowed me to improve my programming skills and showed me what working with a team is. After internship, I decided to stay with Softnauts, now I can expand my knowledge working on various projects with helpful people and cheerful atmosphere. It was a great choice!