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Pulse Menu - a restaurant app


Restaurant work can be difficult to organize - chefs, waiters, managers and other employees must cooperate to provide the best possible experience to the customers. Working in a restaurant requires excellent organization and communication skills, as well as the ability to multitask at the highest level.

However, sometimes, due to the enormous volume of work, even the most skilled staff can’t give customers enough time. The constant rush and stress make communication harder and increase the risk of making a mistake at one of the many stages, from taking an order to serving it.

Pulse Menu - a restaurant app

There are however, solutions to optimize many restaurant processes. In the dynamically functioning restaurant industry, automated solutions are becoming more and more popular. 

Softnauts' Pulse Menu restaurant app automatizes and simplifies the process of customer service, while providing customers with a better experience during their visit to the restaurant. Pulse Menu offers customers access to features such as:

  • menu
  • submitting and modifying orders
  • accessing detailed information about specific dishes, products and ingredients, as well as allergens that may occur

During peak hours, waiting time for an ordered course can take longer. With the Pulse Menu app, customers can spend it playing one of the many mini-games together. 

The Pulse Menu Restaurant application developed by Softnauts is a tool created to meet the needs of all restaurants. We have implemented a lot of customization options in the application, so Pulse Menu will be suitable for any restaurant chain and any individual restaurant.


The main goal of the application we developed was to improve service in restaurants. During peak hours, staff at restaurants may not be able to keep up with taking orders. That is when the risk of making a mistake increases. We wanted to create a product that could improve customer service in restaurants and shorten the time customers spend waiting.

An important point was to create a functional product that can be easily implemented in individual restaurants and customized according to their needs and graphic design.

The main users of the app are the restaurant's customers, so we had to take care of their experience. 

It was also necessary to create a solution that connects the app used by customers and the software used in the kitchen.

Scope of work

UX/UI  ·  Android  ·  Web   ·  Backend 


The Pulse Menu restaurant app makes self-ordering fast, convenient and comfortable. What is more, it helps save customers' time and reduces the risk of making errors when taking orders.

In order to provide customers with the best possible experience, we created an intuitive, clear and user-friendly app. We have also designed an aesthetically pleasing and transparent interface that can be customized to match the graphic design of the restaurant.

Our restaurant app allows customers to have a more enjoyable experience. The mini-games implemented in the app will provide them with an entertaining experience. Those can help customers becoming more familiar with the restaurant's offers and encourage them to visit the restaurant in the future.


Menu app for different restaurants style


Restaurant app - clear and intuitive interface

Pulse Menu is a restaurant app focused on interacting with customers and giving them the best possible experience. Deciding to introduce such a solution, it is important to keep in mind that it can have a significant impact on customers' perception of the restaurant.

In order to best meet customers' expectations and provide them with a comfortable ordering experience, we focused on making the interface of our app intuitive and easily navigable.

In order to achieve this, we designed the user interaction scheme in such a way that all the necessary elements are available when customers need them most. 

The navigation scheme in the app is based on clear separation of the sections. As a result, customers will always be able to find the app functions they need. Navigation in the app is based on a clear separation of sections. As a result, customers will always be able to find the app functions they need. We added an aesthetic and minimalist design to the whole app, which makes the Pulse Menu restaurant app pleasant to look at.

Pulse Menu - adjusts to the restaurant's needs

The Pulse Menu restaurant app is a tool designed to fit any restaurant. That is why each element of the application can be personalized and customized to meet the needs of a particular restaurant.

Not only the graphic design of the app and the menu along with the list of products is modifiable. In the application, you can also enter your own descriptions of the dishes, which will best reflect the character of the restaurant.  Additionally, you can enter allergens and assign them to specific dishes - this way customers will be better informed and more easily place an order


pulse menu restaurant app

Minigames - waiting for an order can be an enjoyable experience

Another customizable element of Pulse Menu are mini-games. The application includes three games that can entertain customers while waiting to pick up their order. 

We have introduced options to customize the graphic elements of the mini-games - the embedded images and icons - to match the character of the restaurant.

As a result, customers will not only have a more enjoyable time, but also will get a better impression of the atmosphere and become familiar with the restaurant's offer. This will translate into an increased chance of customers returning to the restaurant in the future.

pulse menu restaurant app


With more orders comes higher profits!

A convenient ordering system will translate into taking larger orders. With the Pulse Menu app, customers will be able to order additional dishes, extras or beverages and refreshments at any time, without the need to wait for a waiter. 

The app may also suggest additional dishes and products to customers based on their previous choices. In this way, Pulse Menu will help customers complete better matching sets of dishes and side dishes, which will translate into a better customer experience and make their memories a lot better.

The app will also make bill preparation simpler, which will make the restaurant staff's job easier.

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