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We provide you with top-quality software. Together with us, the testing process will be a burden neither on your finances nor on your time. QA is the stage on which good software performance depends. That is why we take quality assurance very seriously.

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Tasks of the Quality Control branch


Quality Assurance (QA)

We actively observe the development process of your application. In the course of software testing, we detect bugs at early stages and find solutions that make your application work flawlessly!


Testing of web and mobile applications

Testing has more than one name - and our experts are at ease with each one! Lean on the experience of Softnauts' testers and QC specialists and ensure your application's unparalleled stability and performance.

Why test apps?

Early detection of software errors

Unit testing allows verification of errors early in software development.

Transparency in business dealings

Relying on the test result, we can communicate the project’s progress to our partners.

Saving time and money

Meeting the application’s functional requirements allows for efficient management of company resources.

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Testing of mobile and web applications

If we want to enjoy the highest quality mobile applications, software should be tested at different levels of the testing life cycle.

Software testing allows for a qualitative assessment of a given project - and this involves colossal savings in money and time that would have to be spent on fixing an already released product.
When performing tests, the analyst focuses on two primary objectives:
  • Checking the quality level of the tested product,
  • location and determining the characteristics of errors that allow their efficient elimination.

Tools and technologies our IT testers use


Test Flight

This online tool has many supporters among experienced software testers. Test Flight is a creation of the iOS Developer Program developers. This tool allows you to test mobile applications and enables internal and external testing.

We rely on Test Flight for acceptance testing, allowing users to review the app before the final release.



When checking the entire cross-section of functional requirements that a released app must meet, Jira is a tool that does its job 100%. It allows for integration testing, bug tracking, and overall project management of mobile and web applications.

Jira handles the different levels of software testing efficiently and comprehensively - making the software work flawlessly.

Software testing practices at Softnauts:

requirements analysis

Preliminary requirements analysis

preparing the test environment

Preparing the test environment

running the software test

Running the software test

reporting and knowledge transfer

Reporting and knowledge transfer

Preliminary requirements analysis

Preliminary requirements analysis

A software tester's initial task is to familiarize themselves with the application's functional requirements. That allows them to prepare the ground for new test cases.

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Mobile and web application testing with Softnauts

Application testing is one of the key activities during an IT project. This process, if done carefully and with the right technology, is a guarantee that your application will be a top quality product. Find out how we approach the subject of testing!

What does software testing consist of?

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When to test software?

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Static and dynamic testing

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What does dynamic testing require?

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Testing of web and mobile applications - types

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Functional and non-functional testing

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Automatic tests of mobile applications

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Manual testing of mobile applications

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