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"Welcome to AGH" is an application created for all students and candidates of the AGH University of Science and Technology. It contains all available and useful information, including the opening hours of deans offices, locations of AGH buildings, about Krakow and its most interesting corners. With “Welcome to AHG” students will easily find all of the most useful information in one place.


AGH UST is a robust and growing university with the largest campus in Poland. AGH attracts students not only from other cities but also from countries all over the world. Every year new students are attending the university, many of whom are from abroad. A new city and sometimes country, new environment, and living conditions can pose a lot of challenges, especially when one wants to move around quickly to attend all their classes and take advantage of all the facilities the campus has to offer.

That is why gathering all the information about the university and presenting it in a clear and user-friendly way is so important. The application “Welcome to AGH” will make all the information easily accessible, which will cause everyday life, commuting, organizing, and dealing with responsibilities less stressful for students.

More information about our cooperation with AGH UST can be found on our website in the article: What do Softnauts and AGH Space Systems have in common? Space collaboration

Scope of work

UX/UI  ·  Android  ·  iOS   ·  Web 

User Personas

To visualize the needs and wants of our end users we created personas, representing our target audience.



AGH UST - a protopersona example no.1 AGH UST - a protopersona example of a female exchange student AGH UST - a protopersona of a male exchange student Protopersona - a young female Chinese student






AGH UST - appliaction development process depictionColours & Typography

In the process of designing the “Welcome to AGH” application, we have decided to incorporate the traditional University colors - red, green, and black - into the project. We utilized them in such a way to bring together the tradition and the UST’s character with a modern, clear, and functional design of the user interface. 

In order to make the UST’s app more clear, we’ve decided to pick the white color and light shades of gray as the main motive of the interface. The font we used is simple, aesthetics sans serif font: Oxygen. It allows displaying messages using diacritics from many different languages, which can be useful when displaying many important messages for students
AGH UST - color palletteAGH UST application for university - typography



The best solutions are the ones, that are easy to implement and then stick to. That is why the team and Client decided that a mobile app will be the best tool for students to use. To cover most of the market, we choose to do the app for both iOS and Android using native frameworks. Considering the international character of the university, the app supports two languages: Polish and English.

Due to the amount of changing content and information the app should contain we also decided to pull the data from a backend, where an admin can add new POIs on the map, add photos, edit details of the POIs and articles as well as send posts with push notifications to the app.

AGH UST - exemplary application's dashboard



Custom Places (POIs)

Our goal was to make commuting in Krakow easier for students, especially with use of the public transport. In order to achieve that, we have designed the applications’ section responsible for showing the most important locations, including: locations of deans offices and AGH buildings. 
How does it work? The app displays custom Points of Interest on the map pulled from the backend. The admin can add, remove and edit POIs, sorting them into one of 7 categories, adding:

  • a description, 
  • photos, 
  • contact details 
  • external links. 

All the details are displayed in the app in a pleasant, readable format. If you want to see how similar solutions work on another application for the university, see Find UAK Case Study - a solution designed for students of Krakow's University of Agriculture. 



Presentation of the AGH UST application - visual presentationAGH UST application for students - view on the Cracov's map



Articles to Inform Students About University's Events 

The admin can also edit articles implemented in the app, describing all the necessary information, from study courses, through the enrollment formalities to emergency numbers and healthcare information for students.



AGH UST application - view on the blogposts and articlesAGH UST - Kraków monuments presentation



The Magic of Krakow - Get to Know The City

Apart from modern universities and career development opportunities for students, Krakow is one of the most interesting places on the cultural and historical map of Poland. In the former capital of Poland, you can find many interesting monuments and architectural treasures, as well as interesting museums and art galleries. From famous places in Krakow's Kazimierz, through the Main Market Square and Wawel Castle, to the National Museum.
For all the history lovers there is a large section in the app about sightseeing and architectural monuments in Cracow with photos, descriptions and locations of the objects that can be also edited and added in the admin panel.

Events and news

Krakow is a city bustling with life, and AGH is a dynamic place, where something is going on all the time. When there is an interesting event or news for the students, the admin can post it on the app wall with photos and links. The app users will be also notified by a push message that a new post has been sent.

Do you want to create a modern application for your university? Our team can help you. For more information, see the article: mobile applications for universities. We invite you to cooperation


While allocating plenty of room for creativity, they still worked within stable procedures. Their combination of price, quality, and speed was great.

Karolina Andrzejewska, Specialist International Marketing, AGH University

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