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Sports and physical activities are an important part of our lives. Regular workouts help to take care of our health and have a positive impact on our wellbeing. However, they are not the only element of our bodies overall condition. Getting enough sleep, adequate recovery and proper hydration are also significant.

How to take care of your body and develop proper habits? ZenForce sports app is the solution.

ZenForce - a sports app and much more!

ZenForce is a sports app for sports and fitness enthusiasts. It helps track progress and supports develop proper habits. The ZenForce sports app supports recreational sportsmen as well as teams, athletes and coaches. The app helps keep the body and mind in harmony for optimal performance and well-being.

Harmony of body and mind

“Zen” means peace and harmony. The body is a complex mechanism in which each element is closely related to others and depends on them. The amount and quality of sleep, adequate recovery, proper hydration level, and mood are the factors that affect the body’s capabilities and performance.

At Softnauts, we believe that caring for the body’s well-being and fitness should be easy and intuitive. That is why we created a tool that collects all this data in one place and allows users to monitor their bodies’ fitness.


Our main goal was to develop the app, which will help users achieve the harmony of body and mind. The content displayed by the application, and the experience it delivers, should motivate users to take various physical activities and track their progress. 

Additionally, the included functionalities should be accessible and intuitive for both beginners and experienced sportsmen. The main purpose of the application is to provide users with tools to take care of their physical and mental state. The app should provide necessary tools to track all the sports and wellbeing-related activities.

Used technologies

iOS · Android · QA · UX/UI






A dedicated journal implemented in the app allows users to enter the key measurements such as gender, body weight, sleep time and wellbeing. The app includes stats, graphs, exercise tracking that visualize mental and health performance. 

The visualization gives a clear instructions on what users may need to improve on or maintain. They can enter all of their results in the testing tab and consult them with their coaches. The coaches are also able to monitor their Stats (average workload, body weight, height, sleep duration and wellbeing) and on this basis adjust the training methods and write more adequately adjusted training plans.

Wellbeing evaluation

Our app provides users with the necessary tools to evaluate and track their well-being and mental state. Users may enter them into the journal with the use of the clear and simple 5-point scale:

  • 5​​-​​Super​​ keen,​​ feeling​​ good
  • 4-​​Reasonably ​​keen,​​ let’s​​go
  • 3-​​Normal
  • 2​​-​​Really ​​low ​​motivation
  • 1​​-​​Feeling​​under, ​​lack ​​of ​​readiness ​​and ​​motivation

It leads to many valuable conclusions, which will be useful not only in sports but also in journaling everyday well-being. Thanks to them, users can track various parameters, of which they had not previously been aware, such as long-term stress, decreased quality of sleep and regeneration, and lack of proper hydration. ZenForce allows us not only to notice the occurrence of the negative factors but also to recognize the way they affect each competitor.

Collecting the data and tracking activities 

ZenForce allows users to enter the data describing their well-being and the results of their sports activities. In order to make tracking the activities more convenient, our application can also gather data directly from special devices, such as smartwatches and smart bands. ZenForce application is compatible with the following list of devices:

  • Fitbit
  • Apple​​Watch
  • Galaxy​​Gear​​watch and the  S​​Health app
  • Mi​​band

ZenForce - advanced activities tracking

ZenForce provides users with the necessary tools to track their workouts in a huge variety of disciplines. Our app was designed especially with running, football, and strength training in mind. Users can choose from a variety of introduced exercises and track important supplementary information such as practice duration time, the exact number of sets and repetitions, and detailed feelings. One of the specific parameters describing the execution of the training session is the RPE scale. The scale describes the Rate of Perceived Exertion, which can indicate the fatigue level, or - especially in resistance training - the number of repetitions in reserve.

Additionally, the compatibility with a huge variety of activity tracking devices can measure the amount of burned calories, average heart rate and the covered distance. Moreover, users can also introduce new, personalized activities into the app. These functionalities will result in much easier tracking the progress and caring about the harmony of body and mind.

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