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Project purposes

Personalizing books for children to make them feel like a hero of their own story

Custom gifts are beloved by everyone, especially our children. EdiKids is a custom book creator that aims to include your child as a story character. Allow your kid to fully immerse in fantastic stories!

This project includes several functionalities, such as:

  • Building templates to personalise books for children, 
  • Preprocessing order system to prepare kids' books accordingly to a printer house's guidelines,
  • Providing a shop service for regular products (i.e. books for children),
  • Providing a shop service with the possibility to order personalized children's books
  • An ordering management system.



Developing a custom book creator

Creating this web application demanded addressing several issues. First, it provides a B2C service between the shop owner and the end-user.

Moreover, we needed to create a technology to convert the digital project into a high-quality, printable project following a print house's guidelines.

Lastly, we established means of delivering the baby book project to the print house. We have chosen several means of communication to address the principles most popular among print houses.

The list of project functionalities is as follows:

  1. Adding pages that will be included in the final printed version,
  2. Creating a technology that will let to convert the colors from RGB to CMYK with no quality loss,
  3. Automatic adjustment of pages to the print,
  4. Automatic imposition of the ordered copy,
  5. Generating the PDF to print accordingly to the printing guidelines,
  6. Generating ordered books, possibility to send them to printing house’s FTP, using safe e-mail links and option to download them via customized admin panel,




Landing Page

  1. Optimization of specific personalised book’s preview including child’s name, text adjusted to child’s gender, photo and text dedication
  2. Semi-automatic order delivery of the custom children's book, as some updates of order statuses are automatic - actions in the system generate changes of specific statuses
  3. Payment integrations,
  4. Delivery integrations,
  5. Full service starting with the kids book personalisation through client and finishing with the client’s pick-up of the delivery.

Scope of work

UX/UI · Web




Edikids - app wireframe



How does it work?

Client B2C process

As a Person who wants to buy personalized book for children I can:

  1. choose the book from the shop,
  2. add a children's name, gender, photo, and dedication,
  3. see preview of the books with added details,
  4. see added book to the basket, fill bill and delivery form and pay for the book.

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Edikids - color pallette - color designEdikids - design - fonts


How does it work?

Personalized book template

As a person who is responsible for adding templates, to create new one I have to:

  1. Add the requested background,
  2. Add text for both boys and for girls,
  3. Add places where the name of children should be displayed,
  4. Add places where the photo of children should be displayed,
  5. Fill in details such as: Title, descriptions, cover photo, price, ISBN, etc.



edikids landing page project product page edikids landing page project product offer edikids basket window landing page projectedikids landing page basket view buttonedikids login window design


How does it work?

Printer house

Aa a person who is responsible for printing the ordered book I get the orders with the below files for production:

  • Pdf files with properly prepared colors, imposition, page fit - ready for print

Printer house can get the ZIP folder by:

  1. downloading the files from the link when they login to the system,
  2. email including the download link,
  3. downloading via printerhouse FTP.



As an admin, the user can:

  1. Manage users and permissions,
  2. See all orders and statuses,
  3. Manage the statuses of orders,
  4. Edit every detail in displayed sale product.




edikids wireframe full viewediikids app wireframe full view 2 edikids wireframe full view 3