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Hybrid mobile applications - how can they boost your business?

Michał, Content Writer

Mobile applications are an essential and necessary tool in almost every business. They positively affect the customer experience and the perception of the brand. Mobile apps can also help you gain new customers. At Softnauts we develop apps suitable to your business’ needs. With this article, you will learn, what hybrid mobile applications are, when they are a good choice and how they can help your business grow.

What are mobile hybrid applications?

This is a type of mobile application that combines the features of web and native apps. In order to better understand what they are, we will firstly explain how do the certain types of apps work, what are their advantages and disadvantages and when they are worth implementing.

Native applications - a complex and functional tool

Mobile native apps are developed specifically for a given platform, e.g. iOS and Android. They are created to make the cooperation between software and hardware as efficient as possible. This approach results in better compatibility with a particular device and allows developing more demanding and entertaining applications, such as mobile games.

Native apps can run both online and offline. Thanks to better cooperation with the hardware, they also allow unlimited possibilities of customizing UI components. This results in giving a full control over the appearance of the application to the clients and developers.

What is more, native apps also allow utilizing the specific tools of a given smartphone, such as the camera, GPS module or other sensors.

Their most significant disadvantage is that their development is a complex and time-consuming process. Every platform requires a separate team of developers. As a result, the cost of creating the application is much higher.

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Web apps - a versatile tool for less demanding tasks

Web applications are a software that is accessed via a web browser. They are available on all platforms and there is no need to customize the code. Their other major benefit is that their distribution is much easier. Users do not need to download or install anything, and software providers do not have to rely on the platforms such as Google Play or AppStore.

One of their most significant advantages is also fast development time, which results in faster releasing product to the customer. 
As a simple tool, web apps have some limitations. They do not provide a possibility of unlimited editing and adjusting UI graphic elements and icons. That is why the development proceed depends on existing UI components. 

Web apps do not allow fully customizable utilizing the smartphone’s hardware components. Therefore, their performance is limited and more demanding elements, such as complex animations, will negatively affect the smooth performance of the app.

Web applications are worth considering, when your budget is smaller and the application will be rather simple. Web apps are a good choice when you want to for example launch your online store onto mobile devices.

Hybrid apps - when are they worth considering?

Now, with better understanding of the basics of the mobile app development, you will better understand how hybrid applications work.

Hybrid mobile apps are created just like websites, and web apps, but they are not accessed via a browser. Instead, they use a software that users install on their devices.

Unlike web solutions, hybrid apps can work offline. Unless uploading or downloading any type of data is needed, they and achieve full functionality and can utilize given smartphones’ components and capabilities.

Hybrid mobile applications make better use of the device’s components than web apps. This means that your company’s app will work better on your customers smartphones. It will allow them, e.g. to use advanced features, such as the camera and GPS module. This will allow your clients to find the most convenient way to your company’s headquarters or to send a photo illustrating the issue to the company’s support department. Access to such options will result in clients considering your company more modern and reliable

Hybrid mobile application - why does your business need one?

Introducing a hybrid mobile application for your business will result in building value for the customers. Results of the consumer preference surveys say that brands with dedicated websites and communication tools are considered more reliable by customers. 64% of respondents buy products or use services from those companies they can contact online.

Hybrid mobile applications will allow your company to get ahead of the competition and adapt to the realities of the market. Having a dedicated mobile app is now as necessary as having a website was a few years ago.

Hybrid mobile application - a way to get ahead of the competition

Nowadays, the size and location of a company are not the key factors from the customer’s point of view. While choosing the right company, the availability and quality of offered services are the significant factors.

Transporting and delivering products and packages is currently easier and more convenient than ever before. This rule applies both to the domestic and international routes. It doesn’t matter if the delivery route has a hundred miles or a thousand kilometers to travel, because - thanks to modern delivery systems - it will reach the customer within a few days or even faster.

Your company’s dedicated application will help you gain advantage over your more developed competitors. It will neutralize the impact of the geographical barriers.

Better optimization and user experience

Websites are a good solution for customers using desktop browsers. However, they are not adjusted for mobile devices needs. The accumulation of small icons, the horizontal orientation of the website and the inability to rescale the displayed content can negatively affect the user experience. Sometimes poorly optimized websites can be inaccessible and unusable with use of a smartphone. So, how to avoid frustrating your customers and make them satisfied?

Hybrid mobile apps are a perfect solution. They allow optimizing the software for the capabilities of specific smartphones. With a mobile app, your customers will always enjoy an aesthetically pleasing, functional and clear interface.

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Hybrid mobile apps - fully customizable UX design

UX design involves predicting and planning user’s interaction with a website or application. Such actions require creating an intuitive navigation scheme between sections and arranging individual elements in such a way, that they are available when they are needed most.

The main purpose is UX design is to lead the user to the conclusion, that the application is helpful, clear and intuitive. This will make user more willing to return to the app more often. This may result in more positive perception of your brand by customers.

Hybrid mobile apps give UX designers more possibilities in the design process. Thanks to the advanced capabilities of mobile hybrid apps, our UI and UX design specialists can provide you with a complete product that meets your customer’s expectations and responds to their needs.

More information about the role of UX in applications can be found in the article: Color psychology in UX and UI

Keeping the user focused is the key

Hybrid mobile apps allow keeping users focused more than websites do. Websites contain plenty of distractions, which includes pop-up banners and the interface of the browser. With a mobile app, you can decide what type of content will reach to your user and eliminate the unnecessary interactions.
Another important feature of the mobile application is the ability to send push notifications. These are alerts that are shown in the notification bar, usually combined with a vibration or a sound.

You can use push notifications to send messages about a personalized offer to the users or inform them about the progress in completing their order. They can encourage the customer to visit your company’s app more often.

Easy and intuitive content management system

Hybrid mobile apps offer user-friendly and convenient content management system, so you can easily update the content displayed in your app at any given moment. They allow you to conveniently add or remove products, set up promotions and send push notifications to customers’ smartphones. 

Data analysis - get to know your customers

Hybrid mobile apps allow you to collect and analyze data related to the user activity in the app. This allows you to better understand your customers’ needs. Thanks to the advanced analysis, you will learn where users are most likely to quit. This will allow you to eliminate these factors that negatively affect the user experience.

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