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Software house portfolio - what should you pay attention to?

Aleksandra, Content Writer

You are at the threshold of implementing a new project. Due to that, you are looking for a software house that will meet your requirements. You head to their website and browse through the impressive portfolio and testimonials. At first glance, everything looks perfect. But suddenly, doubts arise - maybe these reviews are just a clever marketing ploy? Below, you can read about how to look critically at the achievements of software houses and how to verify the factors that genuinely affect your projects.

Verification of a software house's portfolio - the top questions from potential clients

While looking through a software house's portfolio, you may feel confused. The offer seems enticing, yet how is the presented experience to be reflected in your project? The key is to ask yourself the right questions. These will help you choose a software house with the right technical background and know-how. 

What might these questions look like? It's worth starting with the ones outlined below.

  1. Has the software house already carried out similar projects? You depend on the experience of specialists to solve the specific problems they will face in the future. This assumes using specific technologies, as well as the most proper attitude towards creating particular app functionalities. Working with equivalent concepts brings you in contact with veterans in their field, who will approach the topic from an expert level.
  2. Has a software house carried out projects in your industry? You are an authority in your field and know every nuance of your work. Cooperation with IT specialists who have already had contact with the less obvious aspects of your industry results in them asking questions through this prism. As a result, they'll arrive at effective solutions more efficiently, saving you time and money, not to mention keeping your customers happy.
  3. Does the software house work with the technology you would like to use? It is not enough to deliver all the necessary functionalities. You want the app to be user-friendly for both you and the staff. The challenges of creating features for a given application can be solved in several different ways. Thus, you want to make sure that the introduced technology will allow you, for example, to manage your online store efficiently by yourself. By doing so, you avoid the necessity of employing an expensive specialist.

You can find detailed information about our technology and methodology here. You do not have to be an IT specialist. We will be delighted to answer any follow-up questions you may have.

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Confidentiality agreement - what is it about?

You would like to learn more about the projects you have completed so far. However, the software house does not present detailed information about the progress of the projects on its website. Your red light goes off. What is the reason for such secrecy? Allow us to explain.

The reason is both simple and important. Most companies we have the pleasure of cooperating with require the signature of the so-called NDA (non-disclosure agreement). This is a confidentiality contract that ensures our partners share sensitive data between the parties, with the caveat that it cannot be distributed further. The NDA protects you and your intellectual property. That is why we take this document very seriously.

Therefore, what should you pay attention to when choosing a software house? The awards and certificates gained over the years of activity are significant. They prove that the chosen company aspires to maintain a high level of quality of offered services while keeping its hand on the pulse. 

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Customer references - are they worth your attention?

While browsing software houses' offers, you often come across testimonials from previous partners. A doubt springs into your mind. To what extent can you take them seriously?

As a rule, the references received after the cooperation are a very good quality indicator of a software house. Our partners usually distinguish two main qualities, namely:

  • punctuality,
  • fulfillment of expectations set by the customers.

In search of valuable opinions and recommendations, you may want to take a look at social media and the industry community forums. Over there, we can read the opinions of both co-workers and software house clients. This may present you with a holistic image of what this environment looks like. One example of such an environment is Clutch - here, you can check our testimonials and assess the quality of our work.

Portfolio verification and used technologies - are the newest ones the best?

You are going through the list of tools utilized by the software house. You are intrigued by the implementation of the latest solutions. Then you wonder - will the introduction of extensive innovations meet the requirements of your project? Will it not increase its costs?

Our reply to this question is - it depends. The proven solutions have the advantage of being stable. This is a very significant factor, given that the app ought to run smoothly. New software often requires some time and a series of patches to fully spread its wings.

At Softnauts we apply solutions tailored to the needs of today's market. We strive to provide services that work well across the board. In each step of the development process, we pick the right tools to ensure a high-performance application and a user-friendly experience for the final recipients. 

The proper approach to the matter requires a thorough analysis of your requirements on our part. This allows us to select the technology that meets the project's challenges.

One of the services you will evaluate through a well-conducted portfolio analysis is IT Outsourcing. Check us out and base your business development on working with professionals in the field of new technology development.

Are you looking for a partnership with us? Write us a message! Together, we can discuss your idea and discuss solutions enabling your business to make a successful start in the new unknown.


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