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Potential customer expectations from Software House - how can we help you?

Aleksandra, Content Writer

The year is now 2022. We have a great idea for an application that can significantly improve the performance of our company. We have developed a business plan; have identified the target group; have planned a marketing strategy based on this data. Everything is going seamlessly. After verifying the portfolios, references, and specialization of several software houses we choose the one that appears to be an ideal cooperation candidate. We get ready for the first meeting with the software house specialists. And suddenly a question arises - how to present the idea of the project so that its implementation goes as smoothly as possible? We shall answer this question in today's post. 

Preliminary preparation, or how to do your homework

The precise definition of objectives is a very important element of preliminary discussions. Familiarization with the leading IT trends is something we hold in high esteem among our partners. It greatly facilitates our work and makes us understand each other's expectations.

We do not require you to know the SCRUM methodology or to be thoroughly familiar with the programming techniques. After all, this expertise we want to provide you with. However, substantive preparation brings a new quality to the whole process. This is valid, especially in the context of such issues as IT project budgeting or technological development of the project. It saves time and makes work more efficient. And both aspects are important to all of us.

Project execution 

When approaching the presentation of a project, it is a good idea to touch upon a few topics regarding its implementation. Such preparation ensures that you will not be surprised by its progress. This is where the so-called Product Design Workshop stage comes into the picture, i.e. intensive discussions aimed at presenting the intentions of a given project.

Implementation - what is the MVP all about?

In the dictionary of developers there stands the abbreviation MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It means the initial version of the software. Such a product contains all the necessary features and can be released to the public for the first end-users to deliver their feedback on its performance.

What does it mean? For developers - avoiding tedious and unnecessary work. By receiving reliable feedback from the end-users, we have the necessary information to make key improvements. For business, it saves a colossal amount of money. Moreover, your precious time is not spent on designing software that does not fully meet the real expectations of end-users.

The specificity of the project - alternative approaches to the problem

Sometimes introducing solutions other than planned can lead to beneficial results. A flexible approach to achieving the intended goals is something that we, as Softnauts, take great pride in. 

Therefore, we recommend keeping a clear mind and being open to creative approaches. Doing so can save you both time and money. That, among other things, is the purpose of our evaluations.

Essential competencies for your project

We follow trends in every area of life. The IT industry holds no exception to that. The real challenge sometimes turns out to be keeping a sharp focus and following the actual needs of the company.

With the knowledge of business objectives, together we assemble a team of professionals. Their expertise will allow for the efficient and quickest delivery of the project. It may happen, however, that your view on the kit necessary for successful delivery will differ from ours. 

Therefore, we encourage you to be open to dialogue. We will gladly present our view on the matter and find a mutually beneficial path!

What problems need to be solved?

Let us imagine that we want to fly into space. We commission a team of specialists to build a rocket. They are chomping at the bit to find out what the crew needs. Then, all of a sudden, the experts notice that some solutions - obvious from the point of view of a person on Earth - will not work out so well in space...

What is the point of this story? Sometimes we need a change of perspective. This allows us to protect ourselves from potential difficulties. Careful listening to the ideas of our partners allows us to recognize a picture of the problem that might go unnoticed. 

At this point, the role of the software house is to point out this predicament and devise potential solutions. That way, we can help to mitigate or overcome them. By doing so, we avoid a scenario where, after the project is completed, an unnoticed obstacle impairs the functionality of the software - or even the validity of the entire project!

It is equally important to anticipate potential problems after product implementation and to support app maintenance. Each of our clients receives full support from our specialists.

Preliminary project budgeting

The initial presentation of the project budget is one of the key stages of the first talks with the software house. This is due to the need for transparency and honesty with our partners. 

Our software house offers the possibility of making payments based on two models:

  • Time and Material,
  • Fixed Price.

Budgeting based on Time and Material features greater flexibility, a lower cost-per-hour for our specialists, as well as excellent control over the result. 

On the other hand, Fixed Price budgeting allows for fine-grained control over the budget allocated to your assignments. This is an option for short projects or their stages.

Defining a time frame for project realization

The last, indispensable stage of preliminary discussions is estimating the time frame of project execution. Similarly to budgeting, this is a matter of mutual trust and transparency with our partners.

This is also key to the smooth running of the project and the avoidance of unnecessary downtime. By determining the execution time, we stick to a carefully planned schedule and avoid cost increases. This is particularly valuable for projects budget based on Time & Material.

App set-go!

A creative approach to the problems and careful preparation are the keys to efficient project implementation. Consequently, this approach benefits both parties. Smooth communication, MVP orientation, and appropriately selected priorities will make the cooperation seamless. Moreover, the expenses will be significantly reduced!

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