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IT project success - does software house size matter?

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While taking steps towards incorporating a new software system into your enterprise, you face the challenge of choosing a third-party software house. Currently, the market presents a rich choice brought by service providers from both larger and small-scale enterprises. Once you know how to conduct a portfolio analysis and prepare for a Product Design Workshop, you move on to unravel the next dilemma. Does the size of the software house have a clear impact on the success of your project? We will answer this question in today's article.

IT projects in large companies

Judging by an extensive portfolio and long-term experience in the industry, your first instinct may be to seek the services of a large IT agency. Perhaps it is also the wide range of specializations and technologies used that captivate you. While all these aspects should be paid attention to, it is also worthwhile to take a different view at the same time.

A large enterprise generally has many clients. This can reflect on the range of time and attention that professionals can devote to your concepts. If you have a small business, the decision to work with a corporate partner can also affect the quality of communication and the sense that the project is being catered to the individual demands of your business.

We primarily recommend that IT projects with large companies be carried out by enterprises of equivalent size with an appropriately large budget plan. This will allow both parties to fully develop their creative capacities. As a result, an optimal software application can be released, tailored to the needs of both the company and the end-users.

Implementation of an IT project in a small software house

Knowing the challenges of working with a large agency, let's consider similar aspects of a cooperation with a small-scale software house.

The most obvious risk of entering into such a business relationship is inexperience. It is important for you to base the success of an IT project on real competence supported by experience and successful project implementations. This saves huge amounts of money spent on redundant fixes.

The issue may arise also due to a limited team, which does not allow for the proper conduct of procedures and tests. By entrusting work upon the application to an external company, we want it to reach the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) level as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the lack of stability - caused, for instance, by an insufficient number of tests - distances us from this goal. This exposes the project to generating further unnecessary expenses.

Working with smaller IT companies is a good choice if you have a fairly low-scale business yourself. You can count on a more personalized approach to the project. Moreover, if the application or the program requires the introduction of relatively few key functionalities, it will allow you to effectively reduce unnecessary expenses.

A big IT agency versus a small software house - which to choose?

The short answer is - it depends. First and foremost, the size of your company should be taken into account. The similarity in internal culture and complexity of procedures cannot be overestimated in building an effective line of communication between enterprises. In our experience, the most important elements of a successful project are clearly defined needs and a full understanding of the application's functionalities.

The size of the software house is also merely one among a number of factors that should be taken into careful consideration. Among them, it is worth mentioning: 

  • experience in implementing projects in your industry,
  • use of the technologies matching your individual needs,
  • pricing that minimizes the generated costs of creating and implementing new software.

Therefore, company size should not be taken as a key decision-making aspect. Rather, it is a piece of the mosaic that fully represents a company's real capabilities. Nevertheless, looking at this topic through the lens of the commonalities between the two companies' cultures can help you make the most optimal decision for your business.

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