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Useful tools for communication during an IT project

Aleksandra, Content Writer

In our last article, we highlighted the importance of an effective communication process with companies. We already know that the creation of efficient paths of dialogue between companies is essential for the course of project implementation. It allows smarter disposition of the budget allocated for this purpose; makes the response time of developers to possible errors much shorter; finally, it allows faster publication of the application. As a result, it will enable to test its functionality on the living tissue of users and generate potential revenue associated with it. Today, we will devote our attention to the most popular tools and methods that significantly improve communication between our partners and us.

Communication in business - Traditional approach vs new tools

There are a number of communication methods that we use in our software house. In the days of pandemics, certain technological solutions devoted to effectively maintaining communication with customers at a distance have become popular. Let's discuss a few of our chosen methods that allow us to stay in touch with our partners. These include both traditional channels (live meetings, e-mail, phone calls) and recently growing in popularity online communicators (Skype, Google Meet, Zoom).

Live meetings

Discussing necessary aspects face-to-face has many advantages - especially in the early stages of a project. This is because both parties are able to see each other's reactions live, and raise concerns and comments in real time. As a result, information at the initial stage is conveyed accurately - and this gives us room to start the project smoothly.


E-mail is the most versatile business communication path. It allows you to accurately describe a particular stage of the application design. An undoubted advantage is the ability to send graphic or text attachments that precisely present a picture of the project's progress. However, it is important that this line of communication is conducted regularly and that the emails are structured in a way that your interlocutor comprehends with ease.

Phone call

A phone call allows you to quickly discuss the progress of the project. This can involve both individual stages and the entire scope of the venture. However, a common problem with this method of communication is its time-consuming nature and the lack of possibility to present a picture of the course of implementation during the course of the conversation. Therefore, telephone calls are worth supporting with e-mail communication summarizing the content of the conversation. This allows you to document the transmission of information.

Instant messaging for videoconferencing

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Instant messengers are a perfect example of this. Their growing popularity is since they combine the best of the advantages of traditional communication. 

Their functionalities allow you to send attachments in various formats. They allow the creation of virtual conference rooms, which is invaluable during a project! They are also often compatible with other tools, such as a mailbox or calendar. 

There is no doubt that these communicators have revolutionized the business communication process. It provides the ability to quickly contact and respond to potential customer comments. As a result, developers can work more efficiently, which ultimately saves time and money.


Skype is a tool from under the Microsoft banner, which has been on our devices since 2004. For this reason, it has an established position in the instant messaging market. It is a universal tool, allowing you to make calls both on the phone and from the program itself. This program is multiplatform - which means you can use it virtually anywhere!

If this tool has caught your attention, check out Skype's offerings on their website.

Google Meet

Google Meet, as the name suggests, is a tool of the Google suite. This implies compatibility with the rest of the tools coming from under the brand - namely Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and many others. Google Meet is a practical and convenient way to maintain a stable path of communication and share necessary information related to the progress of a project.

You can test this tool using this link.


Zoom, compared to previous solutions, is a relatively new invention that has gained immense popularity in various branches of services over the past years. It is convenient and intuitive, and also allows you to use an in-house telephone system.

You can learn about Zoom's system solutions on their website.

Communication tools for Software House - find your type

Both the specifics of your IT project and the internal culture of both companies mean that the choice of communication tools is always a variable. We adapt to a great extent to the management style of our partners. As a result, the flow of information is constant, and our partners have a comprehensive view of the project's progress. Your thoughts on how the project is shaping up are very valuable to us. Therefore, we want to rely on your comments.

Efficient communication is key to smooth project delivery - especially when working with an external company. We know this from autopsy - which is why we recommend you take a look at our IT Outsourcing offer.

If you are interested in doing a project with a software house that specializes in developing multi-platform applications, you are in a great place! Let us know - we are open to interesting concepts.


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