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Flutter Libraries that take projects to another level - Vol. 3

Mateusz, Flutter Developer

We’ve previously covered UI and functional plugins. In this post, we will present Firebase features and packages that we use daily. Firebase is a powerful platform with many useful tools that support creating mobile and web apps. 

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Access any location in the app

Dynamic Links are a smart way of providing users links that navigate them to different parts of your application. It is a great way of engaging new customers because links survive the installation process.

Dynamic Links are improved deep links and are capable of many things. You can use them in various ways because they can carry data. From social media advertising campaigns to email validation - dynamic links are a great way to involve users in your application.

Send notifications to users

Firebase Cloud Messaging allows you to send notifications to all application users. You can customize notification titles, messages, sounds, and many other aspects.

This tool enables you to target specific users and send custom notifications that will engage them in your application. It is also fast and easy to implement as little code is required.

Configure the app remotely

Sometimes there are things you would want to configure remotely without uploading a new version of the application, or you might want to test features on a percentage of users. There is a plugin that gives you control over the app’s behavior and appearance by simply changing the configuration.

Firebase Remote Configuration lets you create key-value pairs that allow you to adapt the application based on the currently selected values.

Analyze your application

A great part of releasing and maintaining applications is analyzing how users interact with them. Firebase Analytics helps you understand how customers use your app so you can make informed decisions about the marketing of your application. 

Data gathered from Analytics is available for you in an accessible and easy-to-read dashboard. You will have access to active user count, revenue your app is generating, user retention, and many others.

Identify and manage application problems

To keep track of problems that are affecting your application you should consider using Firebase Crashlytics. It is a handy tool for real-live crash reporting that helps identify sources of bugs and crashes. 

It is very important to deliver a platform with the least amount of bugs, but there will always be some. With Crashlytics, without much work, you can create a better-performing application. It is essential to make sure that priority problems will be handled by developers.

Firebase offers many useful tools that are always used in our applications. With little work, you can make your product more polished and responsive. You can also interact with users and test new features on smaller groups before releasing them. Make sure to check out more information about Firebase.

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