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Outsourcing in IT - forms of cooperation and their benefits

Aleksandra, Content Writer

Outsourcing employees in the IT industry is becoming the norm in our labor market. We discussed its growing popularity in Poland in the previous article: Software development outsourcing - where from do the best developers come? 

Today, we will touch upon the types of outsourcing and find out in which cases it is worth reaching for this form of cooperation.

IT outsourcing - benefits

In recent years we can observe a growing demand for IT outsourcing for companies. This phenomenon is perfectly reflected in the report Poland 2024: Europe's new growth engine, which shows that the rate of development of this branch of business in Poland exceeds the results of other countries in Central and Eastern Europe or India - both regions considered to be new technology basins.

But why this increase in popularity? Outsourcing in IT for companies brings a number of benefits, which in the case of startups or large enterprises often outweigh the traditional approach to acquiring specialists in this field. Let's lean into this topic to understand how your company can benefit from this approach.

Work with proven specialists

Many companies struggle with a shortage of specialists in a particular field. The solution to this problem is outsourcing in IT - with this, you can outsource work to a software house with the right know-how. 

An alternative to this type of solution is to find a specialist on your own or to conduct in-house training - but this involves spending time and energy. Implementing changes or creating a stable business application are activities in the context of which time is a resource that companies often cannot afford to lose.

Ensuring the quality of the final product

A professional third-party company will rely on information obtained from you. You are the one who knows the needs of your business - therefore, relying on the results of the workshop significantly increases the chances of releasing a product that meets the needs of your customers.

When you choose to outsource your IT with a company using up-to-date technology solutions and with an extensive portfolio, you are relying on specialists who have already proven their expertise in implementing successful business projects. In addition, such a team has a knack for smooth communication with clients, which translates into a sense of efficiency and the final result of our efforts. 

Reduction of project costs

Outsourcing in IT for companies is also respected because of the financial aspect of the project. By handing over the project work to a team of experts, you can devote your attention to achieving your company's business goals. We get to work immediately - so you have no need to train people to carry out the process internally.

This also means that the product will be ready earlier - so you can count on profits sooner. You can also count on earlier feedback, which will allow you to optimally implement improvements.

Scalability of the project

Project goals and demands change - which may also mean that the composition of the team may also be different from the original. Outsourcing in IT will allow you to direct your monetary resources and employees in a direction that will ultimately optimize your expenses.

Forms of outsourcing IT developers

Depending on the needs of your project, you can opt for various forms of IT staff leasing. In this way, you can optimize the project’s cost. Moreover, it provides the necessary expertise to meet your company's needs.

Body leasing and Team leasing (TL)

Body leasing and team leasing are among the most popular forms of outsourcing in the IT sector. They are an excellent way to supplement a team of specialists. For us, as a software development company, this solution may provide a service tailored to the partner's needs.

Body leasing - what like does it look?

As a rule, a company wishing to contract an additional employee reports to the outsourcing company. During initial discussions, both sides will touch on the issues related to the project.

  • The first step in cooperation is to conclude a contract. The document allows the provision of programmers' services. 
  • Then, our partner’s task is to determine the project's demands and the time frame allocated for its implementation. 
  • A Project Manager (PM) is needed to select the right specialists. This person will be responsible for the project in question and the progress of individual specialists. 
  • Detailed progress reporting can occur at the end of the month or at the end of the project itself. It depends primarily on the content of the contract.

Body leasing - advantages

Body leasing is a solution chosen by companies looking to strengthen their internal team for a limited period of time. Our clients opt for it for several reasons:

  • this form of cooperation does not require the creation of a new job position,
  • an additional expert is acquired quickly and efficiently, which translates into the smooth implementation of the project,
  • it is a flexible form of employment, which allows for efficient distribution of work.

Team leasing - what are the differences?

Team leasing involves an entire team of developers. Besides, it is a form of outsourcing very similar to body leasing. 

The undoubted advantage of this form of cooperation is that, as a rule, we hire specialists with a history of joint project implementation. Their mutual experience prevents work disorganization and can speed up finalization.

Team Leasing - advantages

Team Leasing is a solution that entrepreneurs reach for in the case of more complex projects. The undoubted advantages of this solution include such aspects as:

  • sharing knowledge with members of the internal IT team, which allows you to increase their competence in maintaining your software in good condition,
  • a close-knit team of developers already has overworked practices, which allows for smooth implementation of the project,
  • similar to body leasing, team leasing is a flexible form of employment, free from the costs and formalities of staffing obligations.

Advanced Team Leasing (ATL)

Advanced Team Leasing offers end-to-end development team services. Its main characteristic is the inclusion of leading its implementation. In addition to individual tasks, we take responsibility for the overall management of the project. 

This form of cooperation requires two factors, mainly:

  • a deeper understanding of the company's culture, 
  • establishing trust between the two parties. 

It also implies more significant commitment and a different set of competencies to implement the project objectives.

Advanced Team Leasing - advantages

ATL is chosen by companies that want to delegate responsibility for the overall execution of the project. This is a form of cooperation that we often encounter among trusted clients whose company culture we already know. Among the advantages of the ATL service we can highlight:

  • KPI records of the completion date, cost or quality of the project,
  • the ability to delegate the entire course of the project to a group of experts,
  • support of specialists who know the specifics of your business.

Managed Services (MS)

MS provides the ongoing delivery of some type of service or process necessary for our partners. This form of outsourcing aims to:

  • improving efficiency,
  • improving control of operating costs,
  • maintaining the highest possible quality of service,
  • ensuring a high level of security.

Managed Services provides an appropriate level of reliability in testing the implemented solutions. Partners opt for this solution when the continuity of services ensures time savings, and their priority is reliability in implementing tested solutions.

Composition of the development team

We know the most important forms of outsourcing in IT. Now, we are going to look at the target composition of the IT team. This will enable us to select people with the right knowledge and know-how.

The people needed to create a functional application include:

  • Project Manager - the person who oversees the production process and controls all aspects of the app creation,
  • Front-End developer - who takes care of the application’s visual side,
  • Back-End developer - a specialist responsible for the application’s inner processes,
  • UX/UI designer - a person responsible for designing the customer path. Their role is to create a convenient-to-use app design.

Previously, we have discussed the production flow of such a product in the context of potential expectations of IT companies' clients

IT outsourcing for companies - bet on specialists

Deciding to cooperate with a software house, you are free to deal with the development of your company's business goals. IT outsourcing for companies carries many advantages that account for its success on Polish soil. It's a solution that allows you to acquire the support of experienced programmers in a short period of time, which translates into the success of your application - and, consequently, your business!

Outsourcing services is something we have led the way in for years. Check out our offer in this area on the landing page: 

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