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Behind Flutter - Dart

Mateusz, Flutter Developer

One can believe that Flutter is a programming language used by developers to create mobile and web applications. In truth, the language utilized for this task is Dart. Flutter is only a framework that provides all features required for cross-platform application development.

What is Dart?

Dart was created by Google developers with the primary goal of providing the most effective programming language for cross-platform development. Although it originally emerged in October 2011, it only attained its full potential after the 2018 release of Flutter. It is a class-based, object-oriented language. Dart is primarily intended for client app development. It favors high-quality production experiences for development across a wide range of compilation targets, such as web, mobile, and desktop.

Optimized for UI

Dart was developed with UI efficiency in mind, as was already noted. Variables cannot contain null, unless you say they can. Null-safety, which was introduced in version 2.0, enables developers to ensure that the UI will always be shown correctly. Complete asynchronous processes can also aid programmers in creating visual user interfaces that respond to events and states. Dart is a great tool for client-side apps when combined with Flutter. This includes several built-in, ready-to-use widgets that can be significantly customized.

Optimized for speed

JIT and AOT are the two types of compilers available in Dart. A just-in-time compiler converts code into native machine code just before program execution. When programmers require quick compilations to test new functionality, this compiler is used throughout the development phase. During the implementation process, developers do not need access to all the features, so compiling only the used parts can save resources.

On the other hand, a compiler that runs ahead of time translates all code into native machine code before the program is launched. It requires more resources, but results in better performance. As such, the AOT-compiled software starts up quickly and consistently.

Optimized for development

For developers, Dart is an especially powerful language. The development process is accelerated by the addition of hot reload, a feature that enables reloading changes made by injecting new source code files into the running Dart Virtual Machine.

Dart DevTools, a collection of debugging and performance tools for Dart, give Flutter developers the resources they need to build apps. This includes a debugger, logging views, performance views, memory and network views, and more.


Dart developed into a sophisticated, feature-rich, and UI-focused programming language. It is crucial for new developers that the language is error-safe, which was made possible with the addition of sound-null-safety in version 2.0. Both beginning and seasoned developers will find it to be a fantastic choice because of its excellent development experience and speed optimization.

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