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Creating Digital in Theme Parks

Dawid, Business Development Manager

Nowadays, mobile applications raise in popularity in the entertainment industry. Using them in amusement parks makes the adventure even more exciting. The fundamental question for your company is -  is this worth your investment?

The most crucial question is what amusement park customers need and what issues they encounter during visits. Most visitors prefer to avoid standing in long lines, getting lost in the park, or having trouble finding their car. Also, relying on paper tickets, maps, and coupons at all times becomes a negative experience.

According to the Thinkwell Group research, almost 67 % of respondents are interested in seeing increased mobile integration in theme parks and say it would improve their experience.

An application could solve most of these customer issues. However, it is also worth thinking about developing out-of-the-box functions of the application which will make you stand out.

1. Mobile game in an amusement park. 

If you want to immerse yourself in your amusement park, consider games. In a theme park, people want to have fun and seek some adrenaline. The question is -  why not take it beyond the park?

One of the best solutions is to develop your own theme park mobile game. It can be simple but still engaging, with many customized rewards for the users. For sure, they will feel more excited being able to continue their game adventure anywhere outside the park.

Modern e-learning platforms can be a perfect solution!

2. Plan a trip in an easier way

A handy app function for future visitors would be the possibility to buy a ticket and store it in the application without needing to remember about paper tickets. Also, consider including a feature to help check the weather. Last, a map with a coherent description of the attractions and reviews from previous customers would be beneficial.

3. Eliminate long queues and wasting time searching for attractions

Disney amusement park implemented the FastPass function. It allows visitors to book a specific ride attraction at a particular hour. This way, customers can avoid long lines and frustration, leading to a more positive experience. 

PortAventura or Garland amusement parks have implemented an appealing feature. It allows checking the approximate time of waiting in line for a specific attraction. This way, visitors can adjust their plans in the amusement park and do not waste time standing in lines. 

4. Customize the experience for your visitors

Cedar Point amusement park implemented a feature allowing visitors to check in on the ride attraction map. This solution facilitates organizing a meeting of groups of friends.  

Also, we suggest a feature that creates a step-by-step plan for a day in the amusement park. Another interesting example would be a feature allowing visitors to customize photos and providing an easy way to share on social media.

On the other hand, amusement parks are also struggling with a few issues, and investment in the application can be the right solution. Owners' and managers' main focus is to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. 

All of these features mentioned before will impact this. Such functionalities can also speed up many processes, such as fast payments or ordering via applications.

5. Create applications for theme parks and let your business flourish

To summarize: as mobile devices are getting an essential part of everyone’s lives, applications are becoming more popular and benefitting businesses.

The choice of functions and the needs of a particular business are always a case-by-case decision. However, at the end of the day, applications are an investment that facilitates work and positively affects customer satisfaction.

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