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E-learning Platforms: Why use them?

Dawid, Business Development Manager

With the rapid growth of the Internet, we witness an increased interest in the topic of e-learning platforms. A vast share of Internet users relies on such applications to gain new skills for career purposes - or simply to learn a new hobby. But that platform type may be a chance for your business to grow into a bigger, more successful one. Today, we will tackle the possible benefits of investing in such websites and what to do to make your brand skyrocket!

Three types of e-learning platforms

In most cases, we can distinguish between three e-learning versions. The main difference lies within their ownership. With this aspect, such a platform’s general functionality and destination differ as the target users’ learning goals vary.

Commercial e-learning platforms

Firstly, let us mention the e-learning platforms that allow users to learn or acquire new skills. You might have encountered such brands as Udemy, Teachable, WizIQ, or Skillshare. Many developers had an opportunity to hone their skills thanks to the programming courses published on those platforms. Thanks to these, we can acquire direct skills and increase our chances of getting a new job or being more competitive.

Company-centered e-learning platforms

The second approach is when knowledge and skills come imposed by an organization, such as a company, which possesses quality standards, statutes, or specialized knowledge one needs to acquire. Such a solution may benefit your workers by providing them with educational materials tailored to their needs. These include programming courses or other areas of expertise.

Institution-centered e-learning platforms

The third e-learning version requires an institutional approach. By that, I mean especially e-learning connected to the public school possesses a particular schooling program and described detailed standards consistent with state law. E-learning platforms of this type must meet high-quality standards regarding published materials. That can involve a system of user verification, spam filters, as well as various levels of certification for completing the course.

E-learning platforms - increase your employees’ skillset

Widespread mobile availability and internet access create invaluable opportunities for companies to strengthen their position in the general market. The e-learning experience has become tangible proof that people want to improve their competencies to increase their competitive power in the job market, in their internal company, or simply for themselves.

Let us have a look at this idea. E-learning platforms have risen in popularity  - due to increasing competitiveness and attracting skilled candidates to job positions. Let us now answer the question - can we consider it truly profitable? 

Try to answer the above questions :)

E-learning platforms for companies - programming courses and more!

Today, many companies, from large enterprises to small startups, use e-learning to manage their employees’ development: upgrade their qualifications, teach them new skills, or retrain them for new positions. That is especially true regarding the IT field, where specialists have an opportunity to take part in programming courses designed to their needs.

E-learning programming courses for companies - advantages

To get a full scope of benefits of that solution, let us now indulge and enumerate several aspects that make e-learning platforms so successful in today’s market. That way, it would be easier for you to decide if that solution suits your company’s culture.

Lower training costs

With e-learning, you don’t have to spend a fortune hosting seminars, renting hotel rooms, and covering travel expenses. You can simply develop an online course and share it with your employees.

Cutting money expenses will be seen by some as no actual financial gain - and understandably so. However, try to think about it the other way around. Money coverage for your team’s programming courses or training is an investment. The expected return is a well-rounded pool of experts who deliver their tasks in the best way possible. 

Broad topic coverage

Distance learning has no barriers. You can train hundreds of employees in dozens of offices worldwide by the same standards. Employees don’t need to spend time attending classroom lectures. All they need is a digital device and Internet access.

That aspect is crucial for international companies that struggle to maintain coherent procedures and other facets of culture. Implementing global company standards via cohesive online courses ensure that your employees keep up with all the necessary routines.

One knowledge base

All the learning material is stored in one place, i.e., an LMS. Employees can log in to the LMS  conveniently from any device, find the course they need, and refresh their memory.

Every person has a different learning pace. By enabling your workers to access the knowledge base at any time, you make their skillset standard remain high - to perform their duties in the best possible way.

Rapid training

Traditional training can be slow because it depends on business trainers’ working hours. The LMS is available anytime, so your employees can learn whenever they feel like it - during their commute, lunch break, or from home.

That aspect is beneficial in the context of skilled and ambitious employees dedicated to widening their knowledge anytime. Their dedication to self-learning is a factor that plays a crucial role in your company’s development.

Easy progress tracking

Your business trainers don’t need to hold in-class training and go over every single paper in person. Most LMSs have analytics, which shows each student’s progress in graphs and reports.

Business adaptability

E-learning helps employees keep up with the company’s rhythm and solve problems in real-time. Need to introduce a new product to the sales team? Create a course and deliver it instantly to thousands of employees.

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