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Software House body leasing & team leasing — why ist it so popular?

Michał, Content Writer

The IT market nowadays is more dynamic, than ever before. The demand for highly skilled specialists is constantly growing. What is more, the increasing number of projects requires utilizing skills devoted to niche specializations. To stay on the market, you don’t need to hire dozens of specialists, who will work only on single projects. So what is the best solution to the Software House? Body Leasing!

Software House body leasing – what is it, and how does it help you stay on track on the IT market?

In order to keep up with all the technologies, be able to meet all of your clients’ needs and, quickly and efficiently react to the market needs, your Team should consist of a plenty of specialists. But how should you behave as a manager in such a situation, when most of the specializations are used infrequently, mostly only on specific projects?

Hiring and paying specialists, whose skill and experience will be utilized once in a blue moon, is not the best possible solution. On the other hand, to be able to offer any kind of service, you must find a beneficial way to cooperate with trusted specialists.

In situations like this, software house body leasing is worth considering. It is a trusted solution, which allows you to hire any specialists, only when you need them.

Body leasing IT — what is it?

Body leasing is a new way to hire IT professionals. It is usually based on short-time cooperation, mostly on a certain project. Body leasing IT is mostly beneficial when you don’t need to hire the developer on a permanent contract, but his experience and skills are utilized for a certain project.

The clients’ needs are very diverse. Sometimes there may be a situation, when – due to the lack of a certain worker – your company will not be able to accept an order from a client. It will result not only in missing opportunity of profit on a certain project, but also your company may lose a long term relationship with the potential client.

The ability of providing customers with every kind of support they need and being able to complete a huge variety of tasks is the most important feature of any software house. Body leasing is what helps companies engage in any given project, even if they don't hire the demanded specialists at the given moment. Body leasing is beneficial, because in most of the cases, profit on a project is much higher, than the cost of hiring additional employees.

Software House Body leasing - how does it work?

There are special companies, which specialize in the IT body leasing. Their business is to find and recruit the right specialist to a given project. This kind of cooperation begins with understanding the needs of the customer. These include the demanded area of technology and specialization, size of a project and demanded time of work.

In response to the client’s needs, the company finds a trusted specialist, who will suit the project’s requirements the best.

Body Leasing IT – is it expensive?

The cost of hiring a given specialist consists of his salary and the company’s commission. It may seem a little expensive, but before making up your mind, here are some factors you should consider, which makes IT body leasing a profitable solution.

Body leasing makes a whole new recruitment process unnecessary. Hiring and onboarding a new employee is time-consuming and demands a lot of effort. Recruiting a new employee is a risky process -  your new employee may not be able to fit in the new environment. His skills may also turn out to be not sufficient. This may result in wasting a few weeks of your time in a situation, when a specialist is demanded immediately. 

IT body leasing solves these problems. The specialist, who joins your team:

  • is available at any given moment - this minimizes the downtime in work on the project
  • has experience in onboarding and cooperating with new teams
  • his skills are proven by the leasing company - you don't have to worry about the employee not finding his way in the project

What in a situation, when you need not an employee, but a whole team? Team leasing based on these principles is actually the only reasonable solution.

Team leasing — software house body leasing, when you need an experienced team

Team leasing works basically the same, as body leasing. The only difference is that instead of one specialist, you hire a whole team.

Solutions like these will work especially in companies, where the IT department is not extensive. Leasing team will work exceptionally well in situations, when the company needs to quickly implement significant changes in their business.

It is also useful, when a part of your new project will demand hiring more than one additional team member. Leasing team gives the opportunity to hire an entire team of specialists who have experience in this kind of cooperation on a given project.

Body leasing IT vs hiring a contract employee

From the employer’s point of view body leasing is a better solution than hiring a specialist on a contract. It is so, because in this scenario, the employer pays for the specialist's time and work only when they are utilized by a company.

If the specialists are needed by the team, but in the nearest future they will not be involved in any projects, body leasing allow them to gain new experience on other projects without leaving the company.

Software House Body leasing - why is it beneficial

The most significant advantage of body leasing is that you are able to hire a specialist, who will fit perfectly into your company's needs, at any given moment. What is more: he will be available immediately.

Body leasing IT can be a solution used for a single project. In the case of an experienced and demanded specialists, hiring them for such a project, would be almost impossible. A new specialist or an entire leasing team can also provide a fresh perspective on the company’s existing problems. This will result in better performance of your company.

For employees working on niche issues and narrow specialties, body IT leasing is a solution that makes freelancing and looking for a new project by themselves unnecessary. Instead, they are assigned to external projects and perform their tasks there.

IT body leasing may also be beneficial for the employers. If you hire a valuable specialist, who is not needed on a certain project, you can hire him to another company.

Such actions prevent from burnout, especially in case of specialists, who may useless. Instead of waiting for new tasks (or completing tasks below their skills), they will be able to develop on new projects. Your company will make extra money on it.

Body leasing IT - disadvantages

The most serious objection to this solution is the concern about keeping the company secrets. Outsourced and leased employees have access to the sensitive data. It includes

the organization's working methods, the company's customers, and technical and technological information.

In order to protect this from happening, employees are obliged by special contracts and agreements. They don’t allow the particular specialist to work in competing companies. This solution assures that companies’ sensitive data is safe.

Check also other cooperation models:

Is body leasing a good solution for a long-term cooperation?

Software house body leasing is often associated with short-term contracts. However, it will be a perfect solution for long-term cooperation too. It will work especially well, if a certain specialization is needed in your company regularly, but hiring your own specialist still is not profitable.

In a scenario like this, a certain specialist, or every member of a leasing team, is like a trusted employee in your company. Leasing team is available all the time, but you will have to pay for their time and services only if they are needed.  

IT Outsourcing and Body Leasing are areas in which we are experts! See what we have to offer your company.


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