how to find the right software house for mobile app development

6 tips on finding the right software house for mobile application development

Dawid, Business Development Manager

Developing a mobile business application is usually a significant investment. Because of its weight on our finances, we want to ensure our partner is competent and trustworthy. Today, we would like to present you with six tips that will facilitate verifying which software house will deliver the top-quality end product.

Designing mobile solutions - check out the company’s portfolio

As a first step, check the company’s portfolio and ask questions about it. The software house’s previous work record allows you to check the developers’ skills and what they can muster. 

The most important thing is to look at this from a bigger perspective. Sometimes you may not like the previous projects for purely aesthetical reasons. That is why we need to seek proper answers

Software development company portfolio - benefits  of checking it out

You gather more information after researching the company. In particular, the implemented technologies and if the specific field they are working within is a source of your interest. Asking more detailed questions about previous work can be very useful because you can learn more about the company’s approach to the project and specific client.

Please feel free to check out our portfolio. Also, see our splendid designs on Dribbble and Pinterest, where we show our projects to a broader audience.

NDA agreement - how it works?

Sometimes, an NDA agreement can bind the company to secrecy about the project’s whereabouts. Due to that, detailed information regarding some projects will stay unavailable to you. However, this is also a sign that the company respects the privacy of previous clients.

We touched upon the topic of portfolio research in the other article. Feel free to have a read!

Ask about team members working on your project and methodology

Mobile application projects generally require more than one developer and other involved specialists. You can always ask about the team members and the developers’ level of expertise. 

The right company for your undertaking also should match your work methodology. As a client, you can choose from two options. 

  1. Would you like to partake in all levels of the process and constantly be in touch with the company? 
  2. Do you prefer to step away and get a final product?

The answer to these questions will play a significant role in the final decision-making. After all, matching the companies’ cultures and communication processes will lead to faster product release and, consequently, affordable usage of your time and resources.

To see our preferable means of communication, read the article regarding international cooperation in IT.

Ask about referrals and check reviews

There is a possibility that you have a particular candidate to cooperate in mind. If that is the case, a viable source of information about their work quality is referrals from previous clients. You can always ask about referrals from previous clients and verify them. The vital things in these testimonials are:

  1. willingness to recommend, 
  2. final quality satisfaction, 
  3. feedback regarding the communication process with the company. 

If all of the above factors are in check, there is a high chance that the cooperation will lead to satisfactory results - that being a successfully released mobile application that lets your business skyrocket.

Also remember to choose the right form of cooperation. Companies may offer several different models. More information on this topic can be found in the article: Outsourcing in IT forms of cooperation

The media to check for referrals

Valuable insights are available on such media as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other portals - for example, Clutch. There, you can check out the clients’ opinions and have a grasp of the company’s communication culture. 

The social media content often consists of the projects’ showcases, allowing you to have a closer look at the app development processes. This can be an insightful experience and allow you to make a more conscious choice of a business partner.

Mobile application development - bet on quality

Our previous customers are the best source of information. Moreover, they are often more than happy to help. It is the easiest way to learn more about the communication process in the company and its work methodology. 

Avoid choosing the cheapest option 

Mobile applications are an investment you do not want to build from scratch every year. It is a massive burden on your finances. Due to that, it is better to value quality first and foremost.

The value of clear development process showcase

Transparency is a fundamental value that you should look at when choosing the right company. The mobile application development process involves cooperation between both parties. 

Choosing the right company is crucial and can help you to obtain the best quality application. You can always ask about the justification of the selected technologies or the provided price. Thus, the best practice of application development companies is to work transparently.

More tips on choosing the best company can be found in the article: Communication in business - what do we value at Software House?

Ask about testing the application and post-development support.

 A high-standard mobile application requires maintenance and quality assurance. Before you start cooperation with a development company, it is worth questioning if the company includes these processes in the agreement and how they plan to approach the topic. The interaction between both parties does not end after the final product release. That business relationship is indeed going forward.
Ask about ownership of the final product

Before starting the cooperation of application development, it is worth verifying the agreement and checking the legal ownership matters. It is always advisable to ask about your possibilities and ensure that all conditions suit you. We advise conducting the verification process thoroughly. That way, both parties can rely on a crystal-clear agreement without strings attached.

You already know what to look for in selecting a software house for your needs. Now take a look at what we have to offer - and base the success of your business on working with established professionals!

Do you have an app idea that you would like to develop? You can contact us via email at and consult your vision.


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