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What do Softnauts and AGH Space Systems have in common? Space collaboration

Aleksandra, Content Writer

Above all - the people! We follow that principle in our daily work life - including our business activities. That also reflects our aim to support young talents who strive to turn their potential into real-life success. The core example of this principle is our long-term cooperation with AGH Space Systems. How have we put our hand to the success of agh science club members? Let’s find out!

Our collaboration with AGH - application for university

The association with the AGH university began in 2018. At that time, representatives of the university commissioned us to develop an app that allows faultless navigation on campus. Our project was very positively received by the university, as evidenced by the high rating on the Clutch portal.

That was the beginning of fruitful cooperation between the university and our software house, to which we have proceeded with great enthusiasm. We perceive every project as an opportunity to deliver high-quality products and establish mutual relationships based on trust and diligence. That cooperation proves no different!

The AGH application - Welcome to AGH was also the beginning of a long-term association, which resulted in our involvement during the technology competitions in Portugal and Drawsko Pomorskie. There, the Scientific Circle in Science and Technology participants presented their achievements in the form of a functioning model of the Skylark rocket.

Applications for universities are becoming more and more popular. In our team you will find specialists who will create a tailor-made solution, as well as adjust the work plan to the rules applicable to the selected grant. For more information, see the article: University mobile applications

AGH Space System - who are they?

The AGH Space Systems is a student-based construction team established in 2014. They focus on space technology development, including:

  • rockets, 
  • Mars rovers, 
  • planetary landers, 
  • stratospheric balloon nacelles.

The work of the AGH Space Systems team received repeated recognition from both Polish and international audiences. Their successes include:

  • winning 2nd place twice at the Spaceport America Cup competition in 2018-19,
  • 1st place in the CanSat Competition in 2015,
  • 1st place in the Global Space Balloon Challenge in 2016,
  • 2nd place in the Indian and European Rover Challenge 2019.

See the AGH Space Systems website and gather more information about this ambitious project.

The Skylark rocket 

Becoming a sponsor of the Skylark rocket dates back to September 2021. The project roots in the collective work of the AGH University of Science and Technology students.

The presence of the Softnauts logo on the AGH rocket was proof of our commitment to the project. We watched its set off during the technological competitions EuRoC in Portugal and Drawsko Pomorskie. It appealed to the audience thanks to its uniqueness and advanced technological solutions. 

You can find coverage of both events on the AGH Space Systems Facebook fan page. We share their joy coming from the positive results and cannot wait for more successes on their part!

The 3D printer as a support for the Skylark project

We funded the purchase of a Prusa i3 MK3S + 3D printer to improve the flow of this ambitious project. This extraordinary device enabled them to create:

  • small elements requiring high precision, 
  • various mechanical adapters with intricate geometries, 
  • more extensive, non-load-bearing internal parts, 
  • prototypes of other structural components for testing purposes. 

The accuracy and speed of the Prisa ML3S+ printer made it possible to produce these parts quickly and with great attention to detail.

So far, young engineers have used their own or borrowed equipment to work on rockets and rovers. Providing them with this device has made the work on individual components of the vehicles smoother.

In addition, the Prusa i3 MK3S+ is of notably high quality. The automatic calibration of the work table merits special attention - as it impacts the ease of print preparation. That results in stable, uninterrupted production of components. 

However, we also based the choice of the printer’s model on the high-quality bearing. Because of that, the rocket’s structural parts feature impeccable precision.

Are you curious about this printer’s features? Check out the producer’s website to get to know it better.

Case study and UX training

However, our support for this project did not end there. We also have a part in the digital presentation of the project! We believe in the value of expertise sharing - thus, we have decided to partake in a different project with the AGH Space System.

Our Softnauts’ UX and Web designer came to share her expertise with the AGH Space Systems marketing section. That took place in the shape of online workshops regarding both matters. They touched upon, among others:

  • visual identification,
  • defining information architecture,
  • creating interfaces.

We made sure that the participants of the workshops finished the course with a website prototype to aid them in future attempts to create a full-fledged one. 

Our contribution to the workshop organization regarding web design and UX was also positively evaluated. According to the student association representatives, this is a key activity for marketing the AGH Space Systems project. The newly designed website will result in such aspects in the future:

  • convenient communication with sponsors,
  • efficient transfer of information to fans and the university itself,
  • facilitation of the future recruitment process to the student association.

We are thankful for the opportunity to share knowledge with the Marketing section of AGH Space Systems. We consider it a great opportunity for us - and would love to participate in a similar workshop in the future.

From the AGH Space Systems’ perspective

The student association members declare that cooperation with sponsors is one of the foundations enabling the functioning of AGH Space Systems. Without the support of partners, space projects would not be possible to implement. All team members and the university representatives consider Softnauts’ involvement with vast appreciation.

We strongly appreciate the positive feedback from the students participating in this workshop. With the knowledge we were able to share, we believe that they will be able to promote their business and achieve spectacular success in the aerospace engineering field.

We thank the team of AGH Space Systems for the trust placed in us. Our cooperation enables the development of future-oriented projects, on which young aspiring engineers and designers work. We hope that the skills they gain during the project implementation will find their application in their future professional careers.

Our future involvement

We believe that aspiring, young people such as the AGH Space Systems’ members are the driving force behind technological development in every work area. We are proud of our involvement in the Skylark rocket project and consider it a vast achievement in the history of all our client relationships.

According to a representative of AGH Space Systems, it will enable a more efficient exchange of information in the software team of the Rocket Section. That is extremely important for improving the work of the entire team.

We do not call it an end! As for 2022, we aim to create prospects of cooperation. We are planning to conduct IT workshops regarding, among others, IT project management and teamwork management.

With this in mind, we eagerly anticipate further fruitful ventures of this magnitude. The opportunity to provide young, aspiring engineers and marketers with the tools to spread science and reach for the stars has given us indescribable joy. We look forward to more opportunities to participate in such projects!

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