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Astronauts vs. Softnauts - Skills and qualities comparison

Żaneta, IT Project Manager

There is a high chance that, as you choose a software house, you wonder who with you will work. What special features should the team that will implement your project have? Will it be implemented as planned? If you still hesitate to fill out our contact form, check what you should know about Softnauts - astronauts in your field.

Getting used to weightlessness

Every astronaut has to get used to the changing space environment. Elliptical travel can make you feel dizzy. Similarly, our Softnauts are accustomed to changes. Flexibility and adaptation to changing expectations are the basis of our work. Our clients can count on our full support - particularly when the expectations change tracks during the work.

Analysis and research

Both astronauts and Softnauts should acquire a specific skill set to become conquerors in their own right. These include:

  1. an instinct for research, 
  2. an analytical mind,
  3. a readiness to experiment. 

Without these skills, astronauts, there is no chance to start in space and Softnaut into softspace. Accurate business analysis, testing in boundary conditions, and the ability to ask questions are components that allow us a constant improvement of the quality of our services. Thus, they also ensure project security and optimization of software development costs.

Soft skills-soft skills…

… especially communication - there is no Astronaut or Softnaut without these skills. Lack of communication or poor quality of communication is a critical problem in today's business world. According to the survey conducted by SHRM, an average loss of USD 62.4 million per year is due to inadequate communication within the company. That is why we emphasize efficient internal communication in the Softnauts team and high availability and high-quality communication at the client <-> project manager level.

International cooperation

The space race is over. Astronauts stopped competing internationally in their explorations and began a collaboration, aiming to create an international space station. Many nations are involved in joint activities, so for proper functioning, you need a spirit of cooperation and understanding between space travelers from other countries. Here again, our attitude and the attitude of our company is the same as the cosmic one. We focus on cooperation in an international environment. We implement projects from many corners of the earth. Also, we employ more Softnauts of foreign origin.

So how are Softnauts different from Astronauts?

Unfortunately, due to physical limitations, Astronauts cannot stay in space for too long. To maintain physical health, they have to return to Mother Earth from time to time. And Softnauts? They are ready for take-off at any time. No project poses a challenge to us - neither the short ones lasting several months nor long-term, complex undertakings. 

Find out how the Softnauts bring their clients' projects to life - so that their businesses can reach the stars effortlessly!



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